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Ever wonder what it takes to process 55-gallon drums of range brass? We’ve partnered with Mojo Precision, FW Arms, and Mark 7 reloading to do just that! 


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About the Project

In what may turn out to be one of my most insane reloading projects yet, we will be bulk-processing 55-gallon drums of once-fired 9mm and .223 brass from Mojo Precision on the Mark 7 Apex 10!

Some of it arrived already washed, some of it we will have to clean. There are approximately 45,000 .223 cases and 80,000 9mm cases to work with.

We will be documenting the entire process from how long it takes to how many decapping pins we break and how many stoppages we have. We will be using dies from FW Arms.


This project will truly test the endurance of the equipment. Also, remember that Mojo Precision not only sells once-fired brass but is also always looking for brass to buy! 

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Mojo Precision

FW Arms 

Mark 7 Apex 10

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