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Today we’re loading some match .50 BMG for the Incredible Hulk using Triebel dies


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About the Build

The Hulk is centered around a BAT EX action with an International Barrel I chambered using Triebel reamers and gauges. I finished off the build by Cerakoting and laser engraving the rifle. This rifle is built for ELR and I have had sub-MOA results with belt-fed machine gun ammo! (I removed the ammo from the belt.) 

About Triebel Dies

Made in Germany with ultra-precision tolerances, Triebel dies are top of the line. Creedmoor Sports distributes them here in the U.S. For full details on these dies, watch the video below! 


I used a Triebel full-length sizing die and seating die with the RCBS Ammomaster.

I also had a Triebel .50 BMG neck sizing die available, but I didn’t use it for this session.  The seating die comes with several seating stems. I had to test each with the Hornady 750 grain A-Max .50 caliber bullets to find the right one. These seating stems are a great way to optimize bullet runout.

Installing the Proper Seating Stem

I started with depriming and sizing my old cases. (I cleaned them and lubed them with Imperial case sizing wax.) The die is a slight cam over setup. Remember that doing anything with .50 BMG is going to take some muscle!

I verified my resizing setup by checking the resized cases with a case gauge. Next, I removed the sizing die and installed the RCBS Ram Prime.

Before priming, I had to remove the primer pocket crimp on the Precision Matthews lathe. I didn’t have an appropriate reaming tool, so I used a boring bar instead. 

I recorded a depth measurement of the top of the shellholder with the ram all the way up using my machinists’ parallel and digital calipers to preserve the shellholder height setting.

This also makes it easier to set up the press for bullet seating. I had major issues finding primers after loading and firing all my Hornady pre-primed brass. I finally located some RUAG primers. 

Priming a .50 BMG Case

Hodgdon’s Reloading Data Center specified only a maximum load for H50BMG with Hornady 750 grain A-Max: 233.0 grains. Hornady’s manual suggested 214.9 grains. I decided to start conservatively at 200 grains of H50BMG. 

I had to be very careful during the powder charging process as I didn’t have all the right equipment. I don’t have an appropriate .50 BMG funnel yet, so I used the closest insert I could from the Area 419 master funnel kit. I also didn’t have a large enough pan for the massive charge with the AutoTrickler V4, so I used a plastic cup. The bench served as my loading block.

Everything seems comically huge with this cartridge. The H50BMG granules are very big and weigh a lot more than those of more common powders. The Hornady A-Max bullets are about the width of a finger.

During the bullet seating process, I had to raise the ram in order to remove the loaded round from the press! 


I doubled up on hearing protection for test firing the .50 BMG at 100 yards.

The rifle was extremely comfortable to shoot. My three-shot test group measured 0.998” (0.950 MOA). This is some really good initial results from 50 BMG!


Each cartridge you load is a different experience, especially with Triebel dies. I was happy with my initial .50 BMG group as it isn’t a super precise cartridge and I’ve done zero load development!

 Huge thanks to Midsouth Shooters Supply for helping me locate some hard to find components. I look forward to continuing to load incredible-Hulk style! 

Get the Gear

Triebel .50 BMG Full Length Sizing Die from Creedmoor Sports

Triebel .50 BMG Seating Die from Creedmoor Sports

Hodgdon H50BMG from Midsouth Shooters Supply

Hornady A-Max .50 Caliber Match Bullets at Midsouth Shooters Supply

Hornady .50 BMG Unprimed Cases from Midsouth Shooters Supply

Area 419 Master Funnel Kit at Midsouth Shooters Supply

RCBS AmmoMaster at Midsouth Shooters Supply

AutoTrickler V4

A&D FX-120i Precision Balance (CE Products)

Garmin Xero C1 Pro at Creedmoor Sports and Midsouth Shooters Supply

Rifle Build: 

BAT EX Action 

Accurate Rifle Systems ELR Chassis 

Accuracy Solutions BipodeXt

Triebel Reamers and Gauges

APA Gen 2 XXX Bastard brake

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