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As custom gunsmiths, we’ve been making muzzle brakes for a decade and experimented with lots of styles to improve recoil. But this is our new favorite.

The MANAEL Self Timing Muzzle Brake is branded as Australia’s solution to Precision Rifle performance.

This design is the brainchild of Aussie firearms manufacturers MANAEL and Australia’s leading PRS gunsmithing experts Ignition Custom Engineering (ahem, yes that’s us).

Years of testing and design and its finally here! A brake that looks sexy AND gives maximum recoil management so you can get back on target faster.

Forget about recoil and focus on making impacts with this 100% Aussie precision rifle muzzle brake.

Here are just a couple or reasons why this is our new favorite for Practical Rifle and Precision Rifle Series competition! 


1. Its kind of sexy

These sleek, sexy lines create a powerful silhouette. The people at the range will know you mean business.

They’re made large enough for the heavy barrels we see in PRS (no teeny tiny nubs or weird dong shapes dangling from your muzzle)!

Weighing 180 grams they aren’t going to tip the scales either.


2. Get back on target faster with competition-level recoil management

We love this brake for precision shooting where your priority is getting back on target faster. Every second counts, right?

The MANAEL Self Timing Brake really drops felt recoil to a minimum  – don’t get us wrong, you will still feel some recoil especially on larger calibres but it makes it manageable. But it does knock it back a lot and super importantly it reduces the amount of movement after a shot.

Less movement during a shot = less time searching for your target again. We call it “rapid target-reacquisition”. 

The design speeds up target re-acquisition thanks to the specialised ports. Gasses are effortlessly redirected to control both muzzle flip and felt recoil while keeping the rifle straight.


See for yourself (live in action at Precision Rifle Series)


3. There’s no pointy out bits to get stuck on barricades


designed sleek to reduce snag points when entering barricades

Some designs have large steps in, or out, along the brake. Some designs spread right out much wider than the barrel.

Our testing showed this just wasn’t needed. And worse, it provided a snag point.

And is there anything worse for your score than wrestling to untangle a muzzle brake from a barricade?????

The MANAEL Self Timing brake is designed sleek to reduce snag points.


4. Supporting gear made right here (100% Australian Made).

Choosing this brake puts love back into our shooting industry and community. You get an awesome product and the <3 feels too. aww

✔️ Support local jobs; this product is 100% Australian designed, made and owned. 

✔️ Support the local industry; where you put your dollars = industry growth.

✔️ Support your sport; MANAEL and Ignition Custom Engineering are sponsors of the Precision Rifle Series Australia.



Get your MANAEL Brake here & show some love for Aussie Made rifle gear



5. Its built to last! 

The MANAEL Self Timing brake has been through endless testing to make sure it delivers on its promise and can handle anything you throw at it.

Our team has been smashing this brake for the past three PRS seasons and we are yet to have it come loose or give us grief! 

These things are billet machined to extreme tolerances. The Stainless Steel brakes are testimony to the quality (no chance to “cover up” poor workmanship).

If you break one, I’ll be surprised (and please let us know so we can warranty it).


MANAEL Self Timing Brake (and tuner) in action at Precision Rifle Series


6. Optional Barrel Tuner is available 

If you haven’t tried a Barrel Tuner yet, click here for more. TLDR; they help tighten group sizes by managing/tuning to harmonics of your barrel.

There are combined brake-tuners out there….but they offer limited flexibility in what you can do.

We love the MANAEL Set up because being two separates you have freedom to run just one or both!

(Ideal if you run multiple rifles and want to share).

View the collection of MANAEL Brakes & Tuners here



7. Super simple install. Only takes minutes & you’re ready to smash steel

No gunsmith needed. I mean, we can charge you to fit it if you want….but seriously….its super simple. MANAEL designs all their gear to be that way.

Screw the brake onto your muzzle thread and tighten the jam nut to lock it in place. It won’t go anywhere even with the big boom cartridges! 

Lock nut tightening tool is included (which doubles as a bottle opener for after the comp has finished). 

More detailed install steps can be found here (view description)


8. There’s one to suit just about any rifle calibre in Black or Stainless Steel

Choose your calibre size:

  • 6.5 mm – suits calibres up to 6.5mm including:  Rimfire: .22 etc, Centrefire: 223 / 556, 243, 260, 6mm, 260, 264 / 6.5mm and variations (eg 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×47, 6.5PRC, 6.5 BRA, 6.5GT)
  • 30 cal – suits all calibres up to 30 calibre including Centrefire: .300, 308, 270 etc

Choose your thread size: At present they are available to suit 5/8×24 muzzle threads and more sizes are on the way.

Choose your finish: Black, a blasted surface Stainless Steel or fresh Stainless Steel.

Which finish option do you prefer?


Check out more about the MANAEL Self Timing Brake here at our webstore

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