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March 18th, 2024

BargainFinder 443: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Graf & Sons — Sightron Scope Sale — Save 20-22%

scope sale
Big savings on Sightron Scopes for competition and hunting

Graf’s is running a major Sightron Scope Sale this month with 20-22% savings on many excellent optics. Get a 10-50x60mm SIII for $1179.99 or the amazing 5-40×56 SVIII ED for $2579.99, a $649.00 savings! Hunters can get the rugged 4-12x40mm S1 AO Scope for just $249.99 (20% off), and AR shooters will like the compact 1-6x24mm STAC AR1 scope for $399.99 (20% off). Note: Grab these bargains soon as sale inventory is limited.

2. Natchez — Frankford Arsenal SALE, up to 27% Off

frankford arsenal sale
Great prices on reloading kits, powder dispensers, tumblers and more

Frankford Arsenal makes some very effective and affordable products. Right now Frankford Arsenal products are on sale up to 27% off at Natchez. We recommend the Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit ($299.99, $110 off), which has the excellent F-1 press, manual powder dispenser, priming tool, compact scale and more. We also recommend the Intelli-Dropper Powder Dispenser ($169.99, $60 off), the Case Prep Center ($114.99), and the Platinum Rotary Tumbler System ($149.99).

3. Midsouth — Hornady L-N-L Classis Reloading Kit, $389.99

hornady class reloading kit midsouth sale
Major $170 savings plus free Sonic Cleaner and 500 free bulleta

Right now Midsouth is offering Hornady’s L-N-L Classic Single Stage Press Reloading Kit for $389.99, a $170.00 discount. This Kit includes a nice press, manual powder dispenser, electronic scale, priming tool, powder trickler, chamfer/debur tool, case lube, shell block and more. As a special promo, this week Midsouth is including a FREE Sonic Cleaner, a $159.99 value. Plus, as an added bonus Hornady will provide 500 FREE Bullets with Kit purchase.

4. Creedmoor Sports — Starline Rifle Brass IN STOCK on SALE

starline brass sale
Good American-made cartridge brass at attractive prices

Starline Brass is quality, American-made cartridge brass that offers good consistency and useful life at a much lower price than some other leading brands. If you shoot PRS/NRL matches or run a varmint rifle, Starline may meet your expectations. At Creedmoor Sports you can save on popular cartridge types such as 6mm Creedmoor — now $69.95 for 100 cases. You could pay $120 or more for other brands of brass.

5. Amazon — Pegboard Wall Organizer, $119.79

pegboard wall board sale
Very effective wall-mounted tool and parts storage solution

Here’s a great option for your reloading room or garage. There’s only so much space on the bench to store tools so why not take advantage of your wall space? The well-designed Ultrawall Pegboard Wall Organizer provides 48″ x 36″ of pegboard complete with buckets, hooks, and more ensuring that your tools and parts are organized, yet easy to access.

6. Amazon — RCBS Universal Priming Tool, $64.99

rcbs primer sale
Recommended tool that adapts to multiple case rim sizes

The RCBS Universal Hand Primer tool can handle both large rim and small rim cases without any parts change. Leverage is good and the primer feeding tray is very reliable. This is a recommended tool for both beginning handloaders and expert-level reloaders. Another good feature of this tool is a patented safety gate that isolates the primer seating operation from the primer supply, lowering risk of tray detonation.

7. Amazon — 54″ Bulldog Rifle Case, $92.45`

bulldog rifle case
Popular case for long-barreled F-Class, Palma, and Long Range rifles

Most rifle cases won’t fit long-barreled competition rifles. This oversize, 54″-long Bulldog 54″ Rifle Case does have the ability to hold long Palma, Benchrest, F-Class, and ELR rigs. This case has a tough 600 denier water-resistant outer shell with lockable zippers and handy large pockets for tools, ammo, and accessories (yes a Garmin GPS will fit in the outside pocket). Inside the case is a plush, heat-resistant quilted inner lining with adjustable Velcro tie downs.

8. Bullet Central — ThorroClean 20% OFF

Thorroclean sale
Tests show this new cleaning product is very effective

Bullet Central has the advanced, new ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System. This cutting-edge cleaning product, developed in partnership with Iosso, is designed to provide shooters with a quick and thorough cleaning solution for their rifle bores. ThorroClean is engineered to completely eliminate copper and carbon fouling with no wear to the bore. NOTE: For a limited time you can get 20% OFF all ThorroCLean products at Bullet Central with code CLEAN20.

9. Amazon — BOG Switcheroo Tripod, $109.54

scope bipod sale
Multi-purpose lightweight tripod for rifles and optics

This BOG Adrenaline Switcheroo Tripod is a great choice as a rifle shooting support AND an optics platform. It can support your PRS rifle, and then adapt to support binoculars or spotting scope. Engineered for portability, this tripod can be used in the sitting, kneeling, and standing positions. The head rotates 360 degrees and has a handy v-shaped support. There is also a plain black BOG Switcheroo tripod version with the same features for just $88.04 on Amazon.

10. Amazon — BESTNULE Punch Kit, $29.99

punch tool kit
Bargain price on very complete punch set for common pin sizes

All gun owners can use a quality set of precision punches for assembly and disassembly tasks. The impressive BESTNULE Punch Kit features 18 punches (both metal and plastic), plus hammer (with detachable head), bench block, and other components — all for just $29.99 at Amazon. The tools fit in a handy plastic carry case that holds hammer and pins securely.

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