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After spending so much time loading ammunition, it’s important to make sure it will function in your firearm. Armanov makes a variety of ammo checkers covering a range of calibers to do just that!


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About the Armanov Ammo Checker

Rather than check one round at time, Armanov’s ammo checkers allow for efficient batch evaluation of loaded ammunition. 

From Armanov

Quickly find deformed bullets

Since most malfunctions are ammo related, and most of those relate to deformed, bulging or otherwise defective brass – 

dropping the ammo into a gauge is an effective way to reduce the chance of a costly malfunction.

Flip tray

This an easy way to flip the bullets and check for any deformations in the bullets. 

You can also easily transfer the bullets to a MTM case.

Improved Design

New extra feature is the bottom caved level design, made for faster and simpler ejection out of the gauge box and into a container. Because we know your fingers don’t fit. 

Hard plastic case

Use it to store your Ammo checker and for easy transportation. 

It’s also usable for handgun transport.

Hole Specifications

The Commission Internationale Permanente (CIP) is an international institution that provides 

standardized rules for proofing of weapons and ammunition for the participating countries.

Our reamers are made to comply with TDCC dimensions for the minimum permitted dimensions of the chamber for a particular caliber, which are shown in the CHAMBER MINI column (example on the photo).

However, due to the tool making and CNC machining process, dimensional variations of approx. 0.02 mm can occur in the making of our Ammo Checker Blocks.

Product Line

We have their entire ammo checker line here to test, including rifle and pistol ammo checkers. Armanov’s ammo checkers are caliber specific.  They offer .223, .300 Blackout, 9×19 mm, 9x21mm, .38 Super Comp/.38 Super Auto, .40 S&W, 10mm Auto, .45 ACP, and .357 Mag/.38 Special.

When placed on a table, you can check OAL consistency on the 10-Round Stackable Ammo Checker as you place the rounds in.

When you lift the ammo checker from the table, it functions like a typical case gauge. To easily load them into an ammunition box, hold the empty ammunition box upside down over top of it and a slight wiggle puts the ten rounds neatly into a row. This works best with MTM ammo boxes. To do more than 10 at one time, stack five of these together to check 50 rounds at once!

Armanov sells them in a five pack just for this purpose. (They screw together pretty simply.) You can also use the 10-round ammo checker over and over again to fill a 20, 50, or 100 round box, just be careful as you tip them into place.

The 10-round stackable ammo checker for pistol looks a bit different than for rifle and comes with a quick transfer cover and separate OAL checker.

Start by placing the pistol rounds into the gauge. We tested 9×19. They should sit flush with the gauge.

To check the OAL, move the included plastic OAL checker under the unit.

All of the rounds should sit up the same amount (as long as they all have the same bullet).

To transfer them into a box, place the gray transfer cover over the top of the ammo checker (over case heads), pull the trigger on the cover to allow the case rims to fall into the holder, and use the transfer cover itself to transfer the rounds into the ammo box. 

The 100-round pistol ammo checker is available in a few configurations.

Armanov 100-round 9mm Case Checker Box Contents (no extras)

We have the model with OAL uniformer, quick loader, and brass stencil.

Simply place the quick loader over the ammo checker, pour your rounds over top, and shake until each spot is filled.

Pour the excess rounds back into a different container. Placing the OAL uniformer underneath allows you to quickly and visually inspect the rounds. From here you can use the included lid to flip the full 100 rounds upside down for inspection of the bullets and full cases.

In this position, the rounds are ready to fill a full 100-round box! (Carefully position an empty box over the rounds and flip.) 

If you like to mark your brass to keep track of firings, loads, or just identify your spent brass on the range, Armanov offers a brass stencil for the 100-round ammo checker.

This fits right over a full 100 round ammo checker, and allows you to very quickly mark your cases with permanent marker.

You can even use multiple colors for unique designs! 

Case Gauge Issues

Recently I ran into an issue with case gauges and .300 Blackout we converted from .223. There is a lot of case body variation in the area that will become the neck in .300 Blackout when you start with .223. I had both a good and defective round pass the case gauge test. This is a problem. I used a Sheridan gauge cut to SAAMI specifications for the entire interior portion, and this caught the problem. 

Armanov ammo checkers are made to SAAMI/CIP specifications. The neck area is not oversized. If you are using a case gauge like a Wilson, make sure you are using a min chamber gauge.

I tested my .300 Blackout rounds in the Armanov ammo checker and it caught the bad round! 


Checking ammunition can be incredibly tedious. Armanov’s Case Checkers greatly expedite the process and make it especially efficient.

While you still have to be careful flipping rounds into boxes, we had zero spillage and were thrilled with these options. 

Get the Gear


Armanov Rifle 10-Round Stackable Ammo Checker

Armanov Rifle Ammo Checker 10-Round Stackable – 5 Pack


Armanov Pistol 10-Round Stackable Ammo Checker 

Armanov Pistol 100-Round Ammo Checker

Armanov OAL Uniformer for Ammo Checker

Armanov Quick Loader for 100-Round Ammo Checker

Armanov Brass Stencil

Armanov 100 Round 4-in-1 Ammo Checker Bundle

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