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Made in the USA is the new Arrow Products Rock Vise, a compact tool designed for gunsmiths! 


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About the Arrow Products Rock Vise

This vise is incredibly sensitive. Loosening the top knob allows the inner assembly to spin. One side has an ARCA clamp, the other has a Picatinny clamp. This is a quality piece made entirely in the United States. Use code UR124 for $86 off for a limited time!

From Arrow Products:

The one and only Rock Vise!  Made in the USA!  The Rock Vise (patent-pending) is a compact gun vise made from premium components and designed for the discerning buyer.  Combine a full 360 degree rotation with zero movement and rock solid stability.  See our “Why Rock Vise” page for what makes our product so unique.  

We’ve selected premium materials that will give many years of service.  The housing, baseplate, and shaft retention disc are made from anodized aluminum, while the shaft and jaw are constructed of the highest quality stainless steel.  The ARCA/Pic jaw moves in and out of the shaft via spring-tensioned steel guide pins.  The fixture comes fully assembled with two machine levers.  Other accessories (not included) are available such as the Fluted Knob, Accessory Tray, and AR-15 Magazine Attachment Block, with more coming soon.

We are proud that Rock Vise is made in the USA!

What’s in the Box

The basic rock vise has two black knobs and comes with instructions, stickers, and cap screws, stop nuts and washers for mounting. 

I also have some upgrades: the fluted knob, accessory tray, reaction rod and AR-15 magazine attachment block.

Installing the Fluted Knob

Mounting and Use

I drilled and tapped four holes into a ⅜” steel plate  with my Precision Matthews PM-949 TV milling machine and mounted the vise.

The vise has six mounting holes, but I opted to just use four.

Using this plate allowed me to utilize the Ultimate Reloader Bench System. I added the accessory tray to the right hand side, thinking ahead to where I will naturally set action screws. 

ARCA Rail Side of the Rock Vise

I decided to start with a torque demo. I screwed the ARCA-equipped reaction rod into the appropriate clamp and secured it. With the top knob slightly loosened, I could position the rod in a number of ways. Tighten the knob just a little bit and the rod locked up. I put my weight on it and it still wouldn’t budge. Just a little bit of torque went a long way! 

Removing the reaction rod, I decided to see how much I could do with just the Picatinny and ARCA clamps. The Canik Rival-S, like many handguns, has a forward Picatinny rail. This fit perfectly with the Picatinny clamp, mounting it in an ideal position for optics mounting and grip stippling.

My CMMG Banshee (.300 Blackout) has a Picatinny rail on top. Mounting it in the vise allowed for easy and convenient access to the grip and stock.

Trigger work is also an option with this vise, particularly when using the AR-15 platform mag attachment block. This accessory expands the positions you can hold your gun in, making access to different parts of the gun easier.

The mag attachment block has its own tensioning knob and slides into the Picatinny clamp on the vise.

I used the ARCA clamp to secure my bolt action 6.5 Creedmoor, placing it in an ideal position for scope mounting, cleaning, and muzzle brake installation. I decided to use this time to mount an Area 419 Hellfire brake.

It’s also important to note that whether you use Picatinny or ARCA, you can slide the gun towards and away from the bench with ease. This feature also allows for compact storage.


The Rock Vise allows for solid mounting of any firearm with a Picatinny or ARCA rail with a wide range of adjustability. This versatile, quality vise holds guns in place for all kinds of maintenance and work without scratching them and is machined to last a lifetime.

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Arrow Products Rock Vise Precision Firearm Vise

Fluted Knob

Accessory Tray

AR-15 Platform Mag Attachment Block

Rock Vise Reaction Rod

More coming from Arrow Products! 

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