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After working with the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro and the ATN X-Sight 5 5-25x, we’re taking a look at ATN’s ThOR LTV 320×240 4-12x thermal rifle scope


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About the ATN ThOR LTV

ATN offers a number of ThOR thermals, 12 in the LTV series with resolutions ranging from 160×120 to 640×480 .

The ThOR LTV lite thermal 320×240 (12 μm) series has three different magnification ranges: 3-9x, 4-12x, and 5-15x. We have the 4-12x model. 

From ATN:

This scope does not have Wi-Fi or the companion app connectivity that other products have, so I set it up on our optics test rig for easy demonstration. 

It does, however, have video recording, one-shot zero, and a number of reticle options and features.

There are a number of color modes in both black hot and white hot. 

Black and White with Black Hot

What’s in the Box

This scope comes wrapped in a zippered neoprene sleeve with a telescoping hood assembly, USB-C power cord, and owner’s manual. This sleeve also has an interior pouch for convenient cord storage. 

About the Rifle and Installation

I put my 6mm ARC barreled action into an APW Carbon X stock and removed the weights. I had the ATN X-Sight 5 set in Athlon rings and used Wheeler’s professional gunsmithing set to do a scope swap.

I still had to level the ThOR LTV, but I didn’t have to adjust the bottom rings. I used the Wheeler precision level kit for this task.

I then zeroed the rifle at 50 yards using a hand warmer, only to realize the low rings didn’t provide enough bolt clearance. I subsequently switched them.

I had to swap rings due to bolt interference.


Hand warmers stapled to cardboard make quick and bloodless thermal targets. I zeroed again at 50, used the one-shot zero feature, then moved to 100 yards and got my next zero.

I then progressed to the ridgeline barricade to engage rockchuck targets I’d heated with a propane torch.

My dog Dennis helped with night testing once again, serving as a 100-yard model while I looked through the scope. (The rifle was empty with no ammunition during this test.)

I did all of my shooting with the 6GT before moving the scope and stock completely over to my new 22 ARC build.


I really liked most of the color modes from this thermal and it works well as a reasonably-priced thermal. If you move up to a higher-priced model in the ATN line, you’ll have better clarity, but the ThOR LTV still allows you to discern animals. Looking forward to seeing how it works on coyotes! 

Get the Gear

Purchase the ThOR LTV 320 4-12x scope directly from ATN! 

100 Piece Professional FAT Wrench Screwdriver Set

Wheeler Precision Level Kit at Midsouth Shooters Supply

APW Carbon X Stock

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