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We decided to give our Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness in 6.5 Creedmoor a target stock upgrade with the Boyds At-One, a stock designed for extreme versatility. 


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About Boyds’ At-One Stock

Boyds At-One is the predecessor to the Agility, a stock we’ve shown with our .224 Valkyrie. Gavin shot some stellar groups with the Bergara at 100 yards and I took it out to 300 yards in preparation for my mule deer hunt, but the stock isn’t designed for any kind of long range target shooting.

Gavin’s 3-Shot Group from Ridge Carbon Wilderness in Original Stock

We decided to fix this by adding the At-One.

From Boyds Gunstocks:

The revolutionary At-One™ Adjustable Gunstock from Boyds lets you custom fit your gun with the BRING-IT adjustable comb and butt pad.


    • At the push of a button (adjust from 12-1/2″ to 14″)
    • At-One™ lets you precisely adjust your gun for an overall custom fit and further fine-tune depending on the situation.


    • At the push of a button (9/16″ adjustable range)
    • Your gun can be easily adjusted to fit anyone in mere seconds. One gun can fit anyone!


    • Single-point rifle sling makes carrying your firearm easier than ever


Lower butt stock protector guards against bumps and bruises


    • Choose the grip that fits your shooting style: Traditional or Target


    • Over-molded or plastic forend lets you choose the right fit and feel for your gun: Traditional or Target

A laminated hardwood gunstock is made to perform but also to look great. The lamination is both classy and cool looking. And, for At-One™ model gunstocks, there are 11 color schemes to choose from.

We’ve designed the At-One™ Adjustable Gunstock to adjust and fit a wide range of shooter sizes, from youth to the long and lanky. The length of pull, and comb adjustability will allow the rifle to fit most shooters.


    • Length of Pull: 12 ½” – 14” 
    • Comb Travel: 9/16”
    • Overall Length: 30 ¼” Butt Retracted; 31” – 31 ¾” Butt Extended
    • Forearm Insert Width: 
      • Standard: 1 ¾ at rear, 1 7/16” at front
      • Target Style: 2” at rear, 1 13/16” at front
    • Recoil Pad: ½” thick, over-molded rubber
    • Weight: Approximately 3 lbs. 

The At-One is different from any competition stock I’ve ever used, but has an abundance of features I desire in a long range stock, particularly an adjustable cheekpiece and length of pull. 


Installation was simple. We used Wheeler’s new professional F.A.T. wrench screwdriver set for this job, using 55 inch-lbs. on the action screws.

After we removed the factory stock, we pre-set the magazine box and added the Boyds At-One, then the bottom metal. Gavin tightened the action screws hand tight, backed them off a turn, then let the bottom of the stock lightly hit the table to “set” the screws before torquing them completely.

He held the forend during this process to feel for barrel movement as he torqued the screws. Gavin also likes to torque the front action screw just a bit more than the rear. 


I had to run the length of pull all the way back, but the rifle was much more comfortable than in the original stock. I also appreciated being able to get a proper cheek weld by adjusting the comb.

The adjustment buttons were a bit stiff, but this is by design so you don’t accidentally press them in the field or on the range. The replaceable panels give you style options and are also intended as protection.

If they get scratched up, they can be easily swapped out. This inlet fits well with lots of clearance for the bolt handle. I also verified the free floated barrel with a dollar bill. 


As Gavin noted, we were dramatically able to change the personality of this rifle in just a few minutes. I was a bit apprehensive at first with the racecar style laminate compared to the subdued camo scheme, but the stock feels worlds better. It was easy and enjoyable to shoot and didn’t require any gunsmithing! 

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