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Kyle Shields has been busy upgrading our Dillon XL-750. One of his recent additions is the Double Alpha Academy Click Adjustable Powder Knob V2


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About the DAA Click-Adjustable Powder Knob V2

Double Alpha Academy produces a number of handy aftermarket accessories for Dillon and other presses, like the Mark 7. Our Dillon XL-750 already includes the turbo case feed plate , IR low powder sensor, and extra-short powder bar, all from DAA.

The aluminum click-adjustable powder knob is designed for the Dillon small charge bar. It is laser engraved with 20 clicks per full rotation and a direction indicator. Each click is 18 degrees. The writing is easy to see and there’s no guessing which direction is which with “+” and “-” so clearly etched.

From DAA

The DAA Click-Adjustable Powder Knob V2, is the 2nd generation offering from DAA. Building on the experience and feedback of the first model, this one is, simply put, better!

The two piece aluminum structure eliminates the need to tie the base piece to the powder dropper, and the assembled spring-loaded steel balls (2 of them, for smoother function) make assembly a breeze. (No more battling with trying to keep the steel ball in place which assembling the knob!)
The DAA Click-Adjustable Powder Knob V2 makes setting and adjusting your powder charge much easier and more precise. And it looks so cool too!

The large 32mm round, aluminum machined and laser engraved knob, is knurled around the outer edge making it easy and convenient to rotate the bolt and adjust the charge. The two piece system includes two spring-ball assemblies, which click over pockets in the back of the knob, creating loud audible clicks to accurately rotate the dial in steps of 18deg, 20 clicks per rotation. These adjustments are easily small enough for any practical adjustment of the measured powder charge.

The laser engraved dial indicates direction for increasing or decreasing the charge, and the numbers make it easy to keep track of what the correct position should be for one load or another.
The DAA Click-Adjustable Powder Knob V2 assembles in seconds on your existing Dillon powder dispenser adjustment bolt. A 2mm Allen key is required (not included)

Designed for use on the Small Dillon Charge bar. Does not fit the large Rifle charge bar!
Watch the video for assembly instructions.


You do not have to take the machine apart or empty your powder measure to install the knob. It comes in two pieces —the backplate and the knob.

Install the backplate facing up on the charge bar. (Tighten the screw on the powder bar to pull the bar back.) Next comes pushing the knob against the backplate and tightening the grub screw. This whole process barely takes a few minutes.



This knob makes fine-tuning your powder charge simple.

To determine how much CFE Pistol powder each click adjusted the charge by, we pulled out the Creedmoor Sports TRX-925.

To get a baseline, I charged a case and set it on the scale after zeroing an empty .45 case. Our initial reading was 5.92 grains.

I then increased it by 10 clicks, charging and emptying a few cases before measuring to let the press settle in. 10 clicks up brought the charge to 6.37 grains.

Doing the math, 10 clicks added 0.45 grains of CFE Pistol powder (0.045 grains per click). This should be consistent, but there is always some level of variation. 


This knob provides a measurement you can add to your reloading notes or tape on the side of our powder jug. You can record exactly how many grains of the powder you are using are released with each click, every 10 clicks, etc. for more efficient and precise loading. Stay tuned for more videos on the Dillon XL-750 and on Berry’s .45 ACP Hollow Base Round Nose Bullets!

Get the Gear

DAA Click-Adjustable Powder Knob

Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 Scale

Hodgdon CFE Pistol from Midsouth Shooters Supply

Berry’s .45 ACP 185 grain Hollow Base Round Nose Bullets from Midsouth Shooters Supply

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