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We’ve established that Foundation Stocks are the winningest rifle stocks in PRS. We’ve also taken a look at the Foundation Dominion and Foundation Genesis 2. Now it’s time to work with the Centurion!


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About the Foundation Centurion

John-Kyle Truitt of Foundation Stocks recently came to Washington state to shoot a PRS match, exactly what the Centurion is designed for, and visited us at Ultimate Reloader. Truitt said that the Genesis 2 and Centurion are their two most popular PRS stocks.

Foundation Centurion

Both have a 2.6” wide forend for greater bag contact and stability. The biggest difference between the two stocks is in the grip. Truitt explained that grips are a very personal thing and most of the design time in a stock is spent on designing the grip.

The Centurion has a 90 degree vertical grip close to the trigger, ideal for those used to a chassis or with small hands. The solid Micarta stock also has a modified Anschutz rail, CNC machined inlet, standard bag hook, cheek riser, five QD cups, and five color options (4 finishes + black).

Shims are also available to adjust length of pull. The Genesis 2 grip is closer to that of a traditional competition rifle, with a large palm swell and slight angle. 

From Foundation Stocks

The Centurion features a grip almost identical to what is found on the Revelation, vertical and very close proximity to the trigger. The forearm has a full 2.6” flat on the bottom to allow for a large amount of bag contact during positional shooting. The Centurion retains the same cheek piece, KMW ACP Hardware and 11.25” modified Anschutz rail as our other stocks. Weight is 5lb 11 oz. It is available in all our current short action configurations. – Action or DBM not included. Hawkins DBMs can be purchased through the accessories page.


Action Inlet: RimX, Surgeon 591, Templar V2, Aero Solus, BAT TR, CDG, Curtis Valor, Defiance Anti-X, Defiance Tenacity, Kelbly Atlas Tactical, Bighorn Origin, Bighorn TL3, Curtis Axiom, Curtis Vector, Defiance Deviant, Defiance Deviant Elite, Impact 737R, Lone Peak Fuzion, Mausingfield, Remington 700, Terminus Apollo, Terminus Zeus, Vudoo V-22

Detachable Bottom Metal Inlets: APA RTG, Badger M5 Enhanced, Hawkins M5, KMW MK-1, Surgeon, Vudoo

Bag Hook: Yes

Weight: Light, Standard 

Finish: Natural (+$0.00), Dark (+$75.00), Coyote (+75.00) (Formerly Distressed), Dark Distressed (+75.00), Premium Black Micarta (+200.00)

Action Configuration: Right-Handed, Left-Handed

Truitt also took some time to explain why micarta is different.

Stock Inletting

The stock material doesn’t reduce or eliminate recoil, but it does change the harmonics and thereby, the shooting experience. Being solid micarta, Foundation Stocks are heavier than some others, but there is no variation in material throughout the stock. 

Assembling the Gun

I started with dropping in a Hawkins DBM M5 before adding the action for an easier install.

We took a look through my collection and decided to mount my 6mm ARC barreled action in the stock. Truitt appreciates that quality ammo for this accurate cartridge is readily available. (We had Hornady 108 grain ELD Match on hand.) I then snugged up the barreled action and bottom metal and torqued them to 65 inch-lbs.

This led to an interesting discussion. Some wonder if varying the torque on their action screws affects performance. While adjusting torque will not change your shooting like a load data change will, it’s ideal to keep them consistent. Pick a number, and stick with it. Ensure the action screws are torqued to the same spec every time. 


We headed out to the ridgeline and Truitt gave me some pointers on positional shooting before running me through a mock stage from the tank trap. I was impressed that when set on the bag on the tank trap, no matter the location, the rifle didn’t seem to move. We then moved on, John-Kyle demonstrating shooting off a log and transitioning between shots.

He offered some helpful tips throughout the entire process and made it clear it’s important to learn from each shot you take. We finished up by shooting out to 700 yards.


I really enjoyed using this stock and learning from John-Kyle. 

The black micarta is not only strong but especially eye-catching. I did notice the change in grip angle from the Genesis 2, but the 6mm ARC in such a heavy rifle was a breeze to shoot.

Get the Gear

Order the Centurion directly from Foundation Stocks.

Hornady Match 108 Grain ELD-M from Midsouth Shooters Supply

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