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The Foundation Dominion was the centerpiece of our .308 Shorty build earlier this year. This time, we’re trying something different with this stock, and will compare it to our other favorite: The Foundation Genesis 2.


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About the Foundation Dominion

Foundation Stocks are made of micarta, a unique material that both deadens recoil and provides a distinctive recoil signature. This particular stock is aimed at hunters. Check out our full .308 Shorty build! 

From the Manufacturer

From Foundation Stocks:

The Foundation Dominion – Dominate Your Hunt

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” – Genesis 1:26

Carry over the advantages found in the Foundation competition stocks to the field! The Dominion was designed with close attention being paid to the balance and drive-ability of the stock. The comb angle was designed to aid in linear tracking of the rifle during recoil, assisting the shooter in seeing the impact. Feel less, see more with Foundation.

Standard Features:

    • Precision Machined Stock
    • 1 Sling Stud Installed Below Buttstock / Slide in sling stud installed in rail.
    • 11.25” Anschutz Rail Installed
    • Hand sanded and worked finish
    • Standard weight is 3lbs 4oz with .5″ recoil pad, 3lbs 6oz with 1″ recoil pad.
    • Drop-In Design – Specific to action and bottom metal
    • Stock ships with a 1″ Pachmayr recoil pad, creating a 13.5” LOP.

The current lead time is 10-12 weeks. Give us a call for the most accurate lead time!


Action Inlet: RimX, Surgeon 591, Templar V2, Bighorn Origin, Bighorn TL3, Curtis Axiom, Curtis Vector, Defiance Deviant, Defiance Deviant Elite, Impact 737R, Lone Peak Fuzion, Mausingfield, Remington 700, Terminus Apollo, Terminus Zeus, Vudoo V-22

Detachable Bottom Metal Inlets: Hawkins M5

Finish: Natural (+$0.00), Dark (+$75.00), Coyote (+75.00) (Formerly Distressed), Dark Distressed (+75.00)

Weight: Standard, Heavy

Action Configuration: Right-Handed, Left Handed

Switching it Up

We originally had our 6.5 Creedmoor build  with a BAT TR action housed in a Foundation Genesis 2 stock and thought it would be fun to swap it over to the Foundation Dominion. 

.308 Shorty Swapped Out for 6.5 Creedmoor

The Dominion is a traditional lightweight and compact stock optimized for shootability. It has a fixed comb, angled grip, trigger room, straight tracking, and a low muzzle.

Foundation Dominion cutaways on buttstock for weight reduction

It weighs between 3 lbs. 5 oz. and 4.0 lbs, depending if you do not want cut-outs, with an adjustable 13.5” length of pull (spacers available). According to Foundation, “easily twice as much time was put into the grip design than any other part of the stock.” 

We have the Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM and Hunter Mag installed in this stock. The Dominion has standard sling swivel studs – we opted to use one for a Harris S-BRM bipod. We also added an ARCA rail for shooting off a tripod. We kept this rail short and close to the magazine for balance, but Foundation also offers a full-length ARCA rail. 

Hawkins Precision Bottom Metal and Hunter Mag

Gavin and I did a variety of positional shooting off the tank trap and tree. This stock felt incredibly balanced and easy to shoot, even with the longer barrel. We shot 140 grain Berger Hybrid Target factory ammunition with great results. 


The Genesis 2 is designed for precision rifle competition while the Foundation is aimed at hunters.

Genesis 2 Features

The Genesis 2 has a vertical grip and greater mass than the Foundation with angled grip. Both are composed of solid Micarta with shims available for LOP adjustment and CNC machined inlets. The Genesis 2 includes five QD cups, an optional bag hook and has a much wider forend.  Both stocks are available for Remington 700 actions and clones with right/left hand configurations and four different finishes: natural, dark, coyote, and dark distressed.

Foundation Dominion Features

The Dominion is for short action only and only accepts Hawkins Precision M5 bottom metal while the Genesis 2 is available in short action and long action with more bottom metal options. Foundation also offers custom engraving for an extra charge on the Genesis 2, but not the Dominion. The largest difference between the two is arguably the weight. The Dominion weighs between 3 lbs. 5 ounces and 4 lbs. While the Genesis 2 starts at 5 lbs. 


Foundation Stocks is a family-owned company involved in the precision rifle community. Aside from their quality, Foundation also allows you to make their stock your own with various options for each model. Both the Genesis 2 and Dominion are great stocks, but are optimize for different use-cases. While both can be utilize for hunting, the Dominion is much nicer to carry around! 

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Find DIY 6mm Creedmoor with Howa Barreled Action at Creedmoor Sports.

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