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We’ve taken an in depth look at some of Foundation’s rifle stocks. John-Kyle Truitt is here to review the entire line! 


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About Foundation Stocks

Foundation Stocks is a family business run by John-Kyle and Amy Truitt. John-Kyle came from a tool and die background, and had related industry experience before starting the company. He is also a precision rifle shooter and very actively involved in the PRS community. In fact, Foundation Stocks are the most winningest rifle stock in PRS

From Foundation Stocks

Foundation’s stocks are machined from a solid piece of composite, formed through combining layers of material and resin with intense heat and pressure. This method gives us several advantages over traditional composite stock manufacturing.

    • The solid block of material gives us a dense homogenous material that is absent of any voids or air pockets commonly found in composite stocks.
    • The structure, density and stability of our material allows us to machine structural geometry into the stock to create a balanced stock while maintaining high levels of strength and rigidity.
    • The high compression strength of our material allows us to build an action/DBM specific stock that requires no bedding or pillars.
    • The consistency of our material allows us to model and test stock changes reliably.
    • Our material is very durable and stable in extreme environments. It is resilient to abuse and is easily brought back to its original luster if scarred.

Common Features

Foundation offers six different models: Dominion, Centurion, Genesis, Genesis 2, Exodus, and Revelation. Genesis 2 and Revelation are available in both short action and long action. 

All of Foundation’s stocks are made out of micarta, a fabric and thermoset plastic material with insulative properties that doesn’t absorb moisture. It is extremely strong and deadens vibration and shock, making it an ideal choice for rifle stocks. It has the same compression strength as aluminum and requires over 100,000 tons of force to form. 

While wood has a wonderful feel and aesthetic, it isn’t the best choice for precision rifle builds as it reacts with the environment. Micarta is a compromise between traditional wood and a chassis as it retains that comfortable feel and unique look of original wood but with the unrelenting strength of metal.

I’ve closely examined all of the Foundation stocks I’ve worked with and have been very impressed by the precision of the inletting. Action screw holes are drilled properly and there is a little extra room around the bolt handle so it isn’t claustrophobic. If you do need to make an adjustment for any reason, micarta is easy to machine and touch up. 

Both left and right-handed stocks are available with a number of bottom metal inlet options (ex. Hawkins Precision). Keep in mind that inlet options are not interchangeable. Select the one you are going to use. A bag hook is optional on all models except the Centurion and Revelation, on which it comes standard. Each model also has a light or standard option for balance. The light option has eight ounces of material taken out of the rear of the stock.

Once you decide on the features, Foundation offers five colors: natural, dark, coyote, dark distressed and premium black along with custom engraving for an extra charge. Stocks come with a modified Anschutz rail, but ARCA rails are available separately as are rail t-nuts and bolts.

About Genesis

The Genesis stock was Foundation’s first and was introduced on the 2016 PRS Finale prize table. The next year, it topped the podium. The shooters are the ones who win of course, but when the top shooters are choosing and winning with certain gear, it means something. 

Foundation genesis

John-Kyle explained that the Genesis design took the traditional rifle stock shape and incorporated the features he wanted in a PRS rifle, all the while ensuring it was comfortable to shoot. Crucial to this was the 2.6” wide forend to protect your scope and modified Anschutz rail on the bottom. 

About Exodus

Exodus came next, also with a slightly angled grip but closer grip to trigger relation. The forend is also 2” wide instead of 2.6” compared to the Genesis. This stock is ideal for hunting and mirrors the PRS rifle experience

foundation exodus

About the Genesis 2

The Genesis 2 is the same as the Genesis, but with the closer grip to trigger relation of the Exodus.

foundation genesis 2

Watch our full story on the Genesis 2!

About the Revelation

While the Exodus is suitable for hunting, the Revelation was Foundation’s first purpose-designed hunting stock with weight-reducing cuts.

foundation revelation

It comes in at 4 lbs., approximately 1.5 lbs. lighter than the other stocks. It still has the cheek riser, LOP adjustment and modified Anschutz rail, but it has a forend tapered to 1.3” and vertical grip.

About the Centurion

The Centurion is one of Foundation’s most popular competition stocks, the other being the Genesis 2. 

The main difference is a vertical grip with close grip to trigger relation and generous palm swell.

foundation centurion

The Centurion also has a 2.5” inch flat on the forend while the Genesis has a 1.5” flat. Both have a 2.6” wide forend.

About the Dominion

The Dominion was the center of our beloved .308 Shorty build and is a bit different than the rest of Foundation’s offerings. 

foundation dominion


It is a pound lighter than the Revelation with a significantly angled grip and traditional design.

Foundation Dominion cutaways on buttstock for weight reduction

It is especially suited to offhand shooting, but does not have an adjustable cheek piece. John-Kyle explained that a lot of thought was put into the design so the stock would recoil straight back.


The Truitt family is incredibly involved in the shooting community and stand behind their products. Foundation Stocks tame recoil and provide an extremely stable, comfortable, and versatile platform. We decided to build our first Ultimate Reloader rifles on Foundation Stocks for these reasons! 

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