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January 24th, 2024

Four Impressive New Firearms Featured at SHOT Show 2024

Thousands of firearms are on display at SHOT Show 2024, including many that are being showcased for the first time at this major trade show. Today we’re featuring four noteworthy guns — three rifles and one pistol. The new CZ 600 MDT rig could quickly become an important player in PRS/NRL factory class. A new lever gun series was introduced by Smith and Wesson, with two versions, one with a stunning wood stock. Among competition pistols, Walther’s new steel-framed PDP Match model was impressive. And we expect hunters and tactical shooters will like Beretta’s tactical version of its popular BRX1 straight-pull rifle.

CZ 600 MDT Tactical Match

CZ is rolling out an impressive new rifle for the PRS/NRL crowd. The new CZ 600 MDT match rifle combines the popular CZ 600 bolt action with a top-quality MDT alloy stock. We think this is a good option for someone getting started in PRS/NRL competition. In addition the action can be removed and placed in a conventional stock for hunting season.

2024 shot show new rifles  cz 600 mdt tactical rifle

In this TFB-TV episode, host James Reeves visits CZ headquarters to check out the new CZ 600 MDT. The CZ 600 MDT is a collaboration with MDT Precision, makers of quality precision rifle chassis systems. The CZ 600 series was introduced in 2022, and this is a cool, new variant for the tactical market. TFB-TV states that: “The CZ 600 MDT takes the accuracy and ease of use from the CZ 600 family and marries it to one of two different MDT chassis to bring the CZ 600 into the tactical, military, and PRS realms.”

Smith & Wesson’s New Model 1854 Lever-Action Rifles

2024 shot show new rifles pistols smith wesson1854 lever action

At SHOT Show 2024 Smith & Wesson showcased of its first ever modern lever-action rifles, the S&W Model 1854 Series. These new Model 1894 Lever Guns will be offered in multiple formats. Get the basic version with stainless barrel/action and a polymer forearm/buttstock for $1279.00. Or if you have a big budget you can get the limited-edition Model 1854 with polished black PVD finish and very handsome, fully-figured wood for $3499.00 MSRP.

In 1854, Smith & Wesson founders Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson patented their first lever gun. Honoring that historic milestone, the classic American lever gun is reborn as the Model 1854 Series, the first to incorporate the feel of Smith & Wesson’s revered large-frame revolvers, their smooth action, and iconic craftsmanship.

The Model 1854 Series rifles are built with 19¼-inch barrels, are chambered in .44 Rem Mag, and have a capacity of 9+1. The standard Model 1854 has a 410 stainless receiver and a 416 stainless barrel. Key features include M-LOK slots in the fore-end, a 4¾-inch Picatinny base for mounting optics, a flat-face trigger, and removable magazine tube. Additionally, these rifles contain a side loading gate, utilize side ejection, and include a removable mag tube for easier unloading.

Mark Smith, S&W President/CEO states: “These rifles fuse the classic craftsmanship of the iconic lever-action with modern engineering to deliver a platform built on reliability and performance. Our new Model 1854 rifles are a nod to tradition and a testament to Smith & Wesson’s legacy as an American firearms manufacturer.”

2024 shot show new rifles pistols smith wesson1854 lever action

The handsome Model 1854 Limited Edition shares the same feature set, but instead of the M-LOK capable fore-end, it boasts a classic high-grade satin walnut finish on both the stock and fore-end and a polished black PVD finish on the receiver and barrel. Both rifles have a 36″ overall length, include a 11/16-24 threaded muzzle, and ship with an XS Sights adjustable ghost ring rear sight and a gold bead front sight.

Walther PDP Steel Frame Match Pistol

2024 shot show new rifles pistols walther pdp steel frame

We like metal-framed pistols. The extra weight lowers the center of gravity, reduces muzzle flip, and allows faster shot strings. That’s all very valuable if you are shooting pistol matches on the clock. Walther has made a good thing better by creating a full metal version of its popular PDP pistol. The PDP Match metal variant features an extended ergonomic grip and optics-ready slide. The trigger is excellent. This is definitely one of the best 9mm competition pistols on the market.

Intrigued? You’ll find a very thorough review on the website. This review includes comprehensive tech details and has good close-up images. The review also includes information on the lesser-priced Walter PDP with polymer grip. As sold in the USA the Walther PDP Match Steel Frame model costs $1,899, shipped with two 20-rd and one 18-rd magazines with aluminum base pads.

Beretta BRX1 Straight-Pull Tactical Version

For 2024, Beretta has introduced a new, camo-finish version of BRX1. This has been dubbed the BRX1 Tactical. Like other BRX1 rifles, this camo BRX1 features a left/right swappable straight-pull action that is very fast to cycle.

In this video, released just last week (1/17/24), the TFB-TV team tests the new Beretta BRX1 Tactical: “This tactical edition, a standout with its multicam finish, is a specialized variant of the Beretta BRX-1, which has gained popularity in Europe for its precision and reliability. The BRX-1 Tactical is enhanced for practical functionality with a 3D printed magazine adapter, allowing it to accept Magpul P-Mags, adding to its versatility.” This video covers the BRX1’s notable features including smooth action, adaptability, and stock ergonomics. The video also compares the new BRX1 Tactical to the original European BRX-1 model, highlighting the main changes — principally the stock configuration and the new bigger magazine.

The new BRX1 Tactical rifle features the same advanced straight-pull action as shown in the BRX1 hunting model below. But the tactical model has a more rugged stock and will hold larger-capacity Magpul P-Mags.

2024 shot show new rifles pistols Beretta BRX1 Straight-Pull Tactical Version

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