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I took the opportunity to test the Hawkins Precision Heavy Tactical one-piece mount on the 7mm PRC Freedom Rifle


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About the Rifle

I have done two barrel jobs for this 1776 Freedom rifle, centered around a BAT TR action with Cerakote and laser imaging. 

To see the full 7mm PRC build:

To see the full .338 Lapua build

About the Hawkins Heavy Tactical One-Piece Scope Mount

I had conventional scope rings on my 1776 Freedom rifle and the Hawkins heavy tactical one-piece mount is a great upgrade. It’s one piece, so it’s more rigid and easier to move between rifles.

It is very heavily constructed with three crossbolts and three screws per side on each ring. It also has an integral level and optional forward Picatinny rail. 

From Hawkins Precision:

The Hawkins Precision Heavy Tactical One Piece Scope Mount is the latest premier optic mount in the Hawkins line. One of the most robust mounts on the market, the heavy tactical scope mount line features a triple cross bolt design, six screw caps, built in bubble level and a picatinny accessory rail that can added or removed at the user’s discretion. These mounts are 100% made in the USA and come in a corrosion resistant black anodized finish. Models come in 0, 20, and 40 MOA cant.


I roughly positioned the mount with the top caps off and evaluated eye relief before torquing down the base cross bolts to 65 inch-lbs.

My Wheeler torque wrench came in handy here. I decided to remove the optional screws for the forward Picatinny rail, which brought the scope up a small amount.

I also ensured the scope was level in the rings with equal gap between the ring tops and bottoms. During this process, I made small, incremental adjustments with the help of a parallel and a level.

When I was satisfied, I torqued the top cap screws to 25 inch lbs. 


I removed the bolt and bore-sighted the rifle at 100 yards.

I had to come down quite a bit as the integral rail and mount both have 20 MOA. It didn’t take long to rezero the rifle. 


I am very happy with this mount, particularly with the integrated level. Having a robust, one-piece mount gives me even greater confidence in my gear and zeroes. 

Get the Gear

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