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Hawkins Precision scope rings and bottom metal are often at the center of our rifles. This time, we’re trying something closer to the muzzle: Hawkins Precision brakes


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About Hawkins Brakes

Hawkins Precision offers two different styles of muzzle brakes: the Tank ST and traditional ported. The nitrided Tank ST is a 4-port “flat” design with a self-timing collar. This “flat” design is intended to reduce blow-back on the shooter. 

From Hawkins Precision:

Tank ST Self-Timing Muzzle Brake

Hawkins Precision’s Tank ST is a self-timing, 4 port muzzle brake designed to greatly reduce recoil for precision rifle applications. The Tank ST features a self-timing, locking collar. This unique design allows the user to install their brake and lock down the collar so it times on the barrel exactly the same way every time it’s installed. Its straight 4-port design cuts  recoil while also producing less concussion and blow back on the shooter.

The Tank ST features a ⅜ Hex Bit opening up front so users can torque down their muzzle brake to the same torque value every time. This, combined with the locking collar, allows for consistent mounting with minimal to no POI shift when removing and reinstalling. (Recommended 65 in-lbs. To 100 in-lbs.) Made in USA, out of 17-4 Stainless Steel, the Tank ST  comes in 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, and 30 cal variants. Outside diameter is .990”, ⅝-24 thread. 6.5 mm versions weigh 3.744 oz. 

Ported Muzzle Brakes

The Hawkins Precision Ported Muzzle Brake is well suited for hunting rifles as they can be turned to match any barrel contour, so they will never get caught on an obstacle or terrain when changing shooting positions. The small size, lightweight dimension, and low profile of the Ported Brake also make it ideal for hunting rifles. Available in 416 stainless. Hawkins Precision will also make them out of 17-4 or Titanium upon request. 


The first step is to screw the collar on the muzzle — all the way in so it’s up against the brake.

Next, index the brake by turning it a little bit to one side so you can torque it into place with the hex wrench. (The Hawkins logo should be facing up.)

It may take a few times to get it in place.

When you are happy with the brake placement, tighten the set screws on the brake with the included Allen key. This locks the collar to the brake so that they always come off in one piece, retaining indexing.

Recoil Rig

We used our Ultimate Reloader recoil rig to truly evaluate the brakes.

The test rifle was one of my 6.5 Creedmoor custom rifles in a Foundation Genesis 2 stock.

The Tank ST brake reduced peak force by 35% and recoil impulse by 24% compared to the bare muzzle. 

I also wanted to take a look at the ACE brake by ACE Precision as it shares a very similar design to the Tank ST, but with a larger diameter and tune-able compensator ports. It is available nitrided or in bare stainless.

I put this on the new 6GT Bergara premier competition rifle and fired Berger 105 grain Hybrid target bullets I loaded over Varget.

The ACE brake also performed incredibly well, reducing peak force by 40% and recoil impulse by 27%.

6GT peak forces (332 lbs.) are about half of 6.5 Creedmoor’s peak forces. This is part of the reason 6GT has become so popular – less muzzle rise so it’s easier to stay on target. 


The Hawkins Tank ST is a handy profile brake with fantastic features. Its locking indexing collar and hex port make it super convenient to work with. The ACE builds on the Hawkins foundation.

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ACE brake by ACE Precision

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