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 It’s extremely important to keep your reloading equipment organized. Inline Fabrication’s new wall organizer helps you do just that! 


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About the Inline Fabrication InLine Panel

We have Ultramounts seemingly everywhere in the shop and have previously featured products like the Ergo roller handle. This time, rather than a press upgrade, Inline Fabrication has new products to revitalize your entire reloading room.

From Inline Fabrication

The Inline Rail and InLine panel are made to create a modular wall mount storage system to help streamline your reloading area!

InLine Rail: Mount this steel, laser cut formed rail to your wall and it will help you stay organized by installing die trays, storage box, toolhead holders, shellholder racks, Akro bins, quick change storage mounts, etc to it.  Mix and match to your custom set up.    All accessories are engineered to mount to the rail and include any required hardware.

InLine panel (ILP): The InLine panel (ILP) is a steel wall organizer panel similar to pegboard, but much better!   Strong, sleek, clean sexy design coupled with absolute versatility.  You can use any standard pegboard accessories on the market today AND our many custom trays, racks and various organizational accessories which lock in to the panel so no nothing can be knocked or fall.

What’s in the Box

I received the 48” panel, 48” rail, small parts tray, large parts tray, case gauge tray, peg hooks, lighting, AKRO bins, bin barriers, and AKRO bin hanger. The panel and rail sections are available in 16”, 32” and 48” sections for greater flexibility and are compatible with peg hooks and a variety of other accessories. 

In Use

Before mounting the panel, I adhered the strip light kit to the rim of the panel so it shines through.

The holes on the panel and rail are 8” on center, which paired nicely with my 16” center stud wall behind the drywall. It was simple to secure it with screws. 

The rail overlapped with the panel and allowed me to store tape measures and utility knives along the top.

AKRO bins also fit there, though I also had a separate bracket that allowed me to move them anywhere on the panel. I made sure to leave enough room between the panel, bench, and mounted accessories so that I could slide items like barrels to the back of the bench. 

I use a tin can to secure scissors and miscellaneous writing instruments. This sat neatly on the accessory shelf with extra room for gun cleaning supplies. Keep in mind, anything magnetic can stick to the bottom of the shelves! 

Also, each shelf connects with screws and self-locking nuts. You do not have to access the rear of the panel to reach them. 


Inline’s new panel and rail system helps you maximize your benchtop while keeping your most-used items in reach. 

Get the Gear

Order the InLine Rail, InLine Panel, and accessories directly from Inline Fabrication.

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