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May 18th, 2024

Saturday Movies: Kelbly’s Showcase — Rifles, Actions, & Stocks

Kelbly's George RIP memorial action stock barrel super shootFor this Saturday Video Showcase we are featuring products and operations of Kelbly’s Inc. We are doing this to help help honor the memory of George E. Kelbly Sr., the man who founded Kelbly’s Inc. producers of superb actions, stocks, and complete rifles. In addition, George Kelbly Sr. created the impressive range where the annual Super Shoot benchrest competition was held for many decades. Sadly, George passed away on May 14, 2024. He will be missed — George Kelbly Sr. was a great leader in the shooting community.

Kelbly’s Product and Gun-Building Videos

Want to see new-born Pandas? No, not the furry kind — rather Stolle Panda actions produced with state-of-the-art CNC machinery. If you’ve ever wondered how precision benchrest, long-range, and tactical rifles are built, check out this first video from Kelbly’s. You’ll see actions finished, barrels chambered and crowned, pillars installed in stocks, barreled actions bedded, plus a host of other services performed by Kelbly’s gunsmiths and machinists.

Click Volume Control to Activate Sound for Kelbly’s Video:

If you’re a fan of fine machine-work, this video should be both informative and entertaining. You can see how precision gun work is done with 21st-Century technology. Tip of the hat to Ian Kelbly and crew for producing this excellent video visit to the Kelbly’s production center. CLICK HERE to watch this video full-screen with full sound and no auto-start. That will make it easier to see production details.

Kelbly’s Super Shoot — Group-Shooting Benchrest Action

Here is a video from the 2022 Kelbly’s Super Shoot, the last-ever Super Shoot event held at the impressive Kelbly’s range in Ohio. The Super Shoot is a 100- and 200-yard benchrest competition with the world’s top group shooters. The Super Shoot, in the post-Kelbly’s phase, is now run by Super Shoot Sports with major sponsorship from Shilen. The 50th Super Shoot will be held May 20-23, 2024 (this coming week) at the St Louis Benchrest Club.

Above is another Kelbly’s Range video from a decade earlier at the 2012 Super Shoot. This has excellent footage showing the firing line and the forest of wind-flags.

Kelbly’s Nanook Lightweight LR Hunting Rifle

Kelbly’s impressive Nanook MG rifle features a magnesium chassis, with a 26″ carbon-wrapped barrel and folding stock. Strong yet light, the 7.9-lb Nanook MG is a long-range hunting rifle that’s easy to carry, yet can effectively shoot big-caliber cartridges capable of taking large game.

Guide to Kelbly’s Hunting and Tactical Actions

This video by Preferred Barrels features four modern hunting/tactical actions: Atlas Lite, Nanook, Atlas Tactical, and Prometheus. These actions stand out for their precision engineering, making them a top choice for both hunters and competitive shooters. The unique TG ejector system ensures reliable mechanical ejection, reducing reliance on chamber pressure and maintaining shot alignment. These actions are a good choice for PRS/NRL shooters as well as traditional hunters looking for lightweight precision.

Kelbly’s F-Class Panda Action

Here is a short third-party review of the impressive F-Class Panda Action from Kelbly’s. This is popular with competitors because the action has a wide, flat bottom that beds securely, plus the action has a built-in +20 MOA rail. These actions have a smooth movement and can deliver great accuracy. The F-Class Panda action is offered in both short and long versions, starting at $1600.00.

Firing Pin Maintenance — Kelbly’s Tutorial

The last video in today’s Saturday showcase offers some very important tips on maintaining your firing pin. While this features Kelbly’s action components, many of the observations apply to other modern actions as well. You definitely want to keep your firing pin in good order as pin problems can lead to unexpected fliers, or decreased accuracy on target.

Kelbly's Panda Action gunsmithing video barrel stock bedding

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