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I recently attended an event at the Leupold Optics Academy to welcome a new family of American-made rifle scopes, the Mark 4HD series. Does it really have something for everyone? 


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About the Leupold Mark 4HD Series

The new line includes five scopes with a 4:1 zoom ratio: 1-4.5x, 2.5-10x, 4.5-18x, 6-24x, and 8-32x. Leupold’s John Snodgrass explained that this is a new zoom ratio for Leupold and they aspired to include enough variety to meet the needs of shooters of all different disciplines while addressing a price gap in their lines. 

All models have a fast-focus eyepiece, precision side focus, and a high speed power selector with integrated throw lever. The Mark 4HD family includes some models with capped turrets, some with illuminated reticles, and some in both FFP and SFP.

Shooters have the option of 1/10 MIL or ¼ MOA adjustments featuring M5C3 or M1C3 Zerolock adjustment dials. The Zerolock turrets are especially handy as they prevent you from accidentally knocking off your zero.

You have to depress the button to make an adjustment, at which point the turret will unlock and you can rotate through the full range of travel. I’ve used these extensively in the Leupold Mark 5HD line.  

Sean Utley Dialing at Leupold Optics Academy

Shooting Experience

Shooting the Mark 4HD felt very similar to shooting a Mark 5HD, it just doesn’t include some of the traditional Mark 5HD accessories like a sun shade.

It has the same outward look and Leupold Professional-Grade Optical System for a flat field of view and stellar low-light performance.

Low Light Tests with Leupold and Other Brand Scopes

We engaged targets from 300 yards to over 1,000 yards and dialed for each. 

My ten-shot group at the end of the day landed exactly where I had started, indicating spot-on tracking. 


Leupold Mark 4HD Installed on the Aero Solus Rifle in 6mm Creedmoor

Leupold set out to make a quality rifle scope line with the features of their Mark 5HD line at a more attainable price. Price ranges from $1,000 to $1,600 but with many of the same quality features.Stay tuned for an in-depth test of the Mark 4HD 6-24 x 52!  Which Mark 4HD would you like to see?

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