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You asked, Longshot answered! That’s right. The Longshot Target Camera company is responding to feedback from the public. They have engineered a target camera system that builds on the LR3 system, and is in reach for the everyday shooter, at a better price!


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Introducing Ranger:

That’s right, we’re helping Longshot announce this new target camera system for 2024. We’ve been working with Longshot’s target camera system here at Ultimate Reloader for quite a while now. You’ve seen the LR3 system in various stories, and we’ve recently been working with the HAWK (story coming soon). Now, we’re looking forward to adding another tool to our lineup of in-house target cameras. This is is our go-to target camera system on nearly a daily basis.

So what is Ranger? Ranger is a more affordable Longshot system. It is compact, sleek, and more accessible. It’s easy to use, and most importantly, it includes the same camera and app features seen in the LR3, HAWK, and Marksman. It uses the same app, and sets up exactly the same.

So, what’s the difference?

Ranger vs Ranger+

Ranger functions similarly, but stands out from the rest of the Longshot Camera lineup due to its price point.

Ranger will be released in 2 different models: Ranger and Ranger+. Ranger is a camera only unit listed at $199, reaching out to 100 yards. Ranger+ includes a receiver and reaches 1,000 yards!

To make it easy, here is table breaking down the main features:

There are some notable features here – these highlights truly set this unit apart: $199 Starting price, Built in tripod legs, and 5G! I’m looking forward to how quickly I can get this camera out of the bag, set up, and streaming right to my iPad.

Stay Tuned

I always have a spot for our Longshot cameras in my range bag. And it’s been evident to me since I first unboxed the LR3 that Longshot has created a product that can get the job done, near or far! I’m looking forward to putting the Ranger to work in the field this year. So, stay tuned for the overview coming soon!

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