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Day one of the Rock Chuck Olympics began with training and sight-in as each competitor readied themselves for the competition.


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We had a variety of classroom sessions from sponsors and competitors providing both training and product information.

Justin Smith of RCBS started everything off with RCBS’s 80-year legacy and a demonstration of their Summit Press. Jarrod Grove of Wheeler Tools and Tipton and Scott Steiert of Stag Arms followed with how to clean an AR-15.

Grove highlighted the Wheeler Delta Series Carbon Scraper and demonstrated how it is especially designed for hard to reach places in an AR while Steiert outlined the whole process. 

Adam Ruonala provided the background of Canik as well as an overview of the Rival-S while world champion Nils Jonasson provided pistol-shooting tips. Ryan Donahue followed with details on the American-made Stag Arms AR SPCTRM rifles the competitors would be using as well as new offerings from Stag in 2023.

To top everything off, Dustin Harding of Athlon Optics not only covered the optics used in the event, but reviewed some optics mounting do’s and don’ts. 

When it came to the actual shooting, LongShot Target Cameras helped capture the hits in real time.

Competitor and F-Class world champion Erik Cortina offered some wind-reading instruction while Piet Malan of Impact Shooting detailed some PRS tips. 


Part of the goal of the Rock Chuck Olympics was to share the beautiful views and facilities of the Ultimate Reloading ranch.

Competitors and sponsors traveled up and down the winding roads in side-by-sides or a Ford Bronco, some drivers more careful than others. We gathered on one side of the ranch for the competitors to get hands-on with their gear for the first time. 

Follow the Competitors! 

Erik Cortina – Cortina Precision

Nils Jonasson

Jim Harmer – Backfire

Piet Malan – Impact Shooting

Adam Wies – Who-Tee-Who

Watch the Full Series! 

Episode 1: Kick-Off and Meet the Competitors 

The 2023 Rock Chuck Olympics is brought to you by:

D-M Targets (get your Rock Chuck Targets HERE)

RCBS Reloading

Stag Arms

Caldwell Shooting Supplies, Wheeler Tools, and Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies

Additional Sponsors Include:

Hornady Ammunition, Athlon Optics, Canik Firearms, LongShot Cameras

More Rock Chuck Olympics action coming very soon! Please stay tuned and make sure you’re subscribed to the Ultimate Reloader YouTube Channel to catch all of the action.


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