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We’ve shown the UD Chassis in its shortest configuration with .308 Shorty in the UD3 and in its longest form — the UD7. Now we’re taking a look at the last variation of the UD chassis: the UD5.


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About the Ultradyne UD5 Chassis

The UD5 is — you guessed it — a compromise right between the UD3 and UD7. I paired this with my recent 22 ARC build as I’ll most likely be using it from a standing position off a tripod and the UD5 offers a particularly nice length.

From Ultradyne USA:

The Ultradyne Chassis is crafted from a solid bar of 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum for exceptional strength and durability. The one-piece design weighs between 1.1 and 1.3 pounds, depending on the model. This makes it suitable for both hunting rifles that weigh as little as 6 pounds and long range target rifles that weigh up to 16 pounds. When paired with the Ultradyne Adjustable Butt Stock, it is lighter than most factory stocks yet has the ability to add up to 5 pounds with optional weights.

The Ultradyne Chassis is packed with features including an adjustable magazine release lever, compatibility with AICS magazines, ability to work with any Mil-Spec butt stock, a built-in Arca rail, M-LOK slots on three sides, and Dynalock technology to ensure a secure fit. The action is held in place with V-channel bedding that can accommodate free-floated barrels up to 1.35 inches in diameter.


    • 6061 T6 Aluminum
    • Cerakote Finish
    • Butt stock Interface: Mil Spec
    • Grip Interface: Mil Spec A2
    • Magazine Interface: AICS
    • 1.35” Max. Barrel Diameter


    • 19 oz
    • 18.5” Overall Length, 9.25” Forend Length, 7.7” ARCA Length
    • 14 M-LOK Slots

What’s in the Box

The UD5 has five mounting slots and came with action screws,set screw, mag release, mag catch assembly, Allen keys, a sticker, and some printed materials.  It has M-Lok, ARCA, and Dynalock all integrated. This chassis accepts any AR-style grip and buttstock — I have the polymer UD adjustable buttstock with bag rider and UD single thumb rest grip (available for right- and left-handed shooters.)My buttstock and chassis are both coyote tan to match my coyote tan Cerakote barreled action.

About the Build

Even though the 22 ARC is designed for use from an AR-15, in typical Ultimate Reloader-style, I opted for a bolt gun.

This build is centered around a BAT TR action with a 1:7 Ballistic Advantage barrel, Hawkins Precision DBM M5, and custom AICS magazine with Primal Rights Conversion Kit.


I set to work connecting the buttstock and chassis body first, tightly securing the chassis’ ARCA rail on the Arrow Products Rock Vise.

This made it extremely easy for me to rotate the chassis body into an ideal position for screwing in the buttstock.

I tightened the set screw and ensured the stock was appropriately indexed, then used the castle nut wrench. When the stock was secured, I added the grip.

It’s also important to think about cheek weld. The UD adjustable buttstock features an adjustable cheekpiece. This cheekpiece can be locked into place using another set screw when you are content with the position. 

I like to stand up the chassis and bring in the barreled action vertically, paying close attention to recoil lug location. Be mindful of the trigger during this process to prevent damage.

I tighten the action screws until they are finger tight, then lightly tap the butt of the rifle against the table to ensure proper seating before tightening them the rest of the way.

I had an ATN ThOR LTV installed on the action and after securing it in the chassis, I used the steady platform to swap the scope with the Athlon Cronus ATS thermal scope. I also added an AREA 419 Maverick suppressor.


After zeroing the optic at 100 yards off the bench, I engaged D-M steel targets at distances varying from 336 yards to 1,390 yards, using a dope calculator to estimate the come-ups with 100% success out to 706 yards. I had to do some holding and make a second elevation adjustment at 1,390 yards.

I fired from the prone position with an MDT CKYE-POD but also from the UD Carbon Tripod with Dynalock.

Winter snow blanketed the landscape, muffling the target sound.


Caldwell’s Flash Bang target hit indicators were a huge help, providing visual confirmation of the furthest shots.

Caldwell Flashbang Hit Indicator Lighting Up

I was thrilled to get four consecutive hits on Harold at 1,390 yards with the 22 ARC and Hornady 75 grain ELD-M ammunition.

The optic, chassis, and ammunition combination worked flawlessly with velocities around 3,027 fps.


As cliché as it sounds, the UD5 was really an ideal fit. It was long enough to allow me to put my bipod where I needed but short enough for easy, nimble use. Managing four consecutive shots on Harold at 1,390 with a .22 caliber bullet wasn’t only a testament to the cartridge but to the stability and shootability of the platform as well. (It also doesn’t break the bank!)

Get the Gear

Order and customize your UD Chassis from

UD Adjustable Buttstock

UD ARCA Dynalock Rail

UD Single Thumb Rest Grip

Ultradyne UD Carbon Tripod

Ultradyne Orbit Ballhead 

Athlon Cronus ATS 50-640 Thermal Scope

ATN ThOR LTV 320 4-12x Scope 

AREA 419 Maverick Suppressor

Arrow Products Rock Vise Precision Firearm Vise (Save $86 with code UR124 for a limited time!)

Hornady 22 ARC 75 grain ELD-M Ammunition at Midsouth Shooters Supply

D-M Targets (get your Rock Chuck Targets HERE)

Caldwell Flash Bang Target Hit Indicator

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