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January 27th, 2024

Saturday at the Movies: New Rifles Coming for 2024

SHOT Show 2024 has just concluded. Thousands of new products were unveiled at SHOT Show, including hundreds of new rifles. Today’s Saturday Movie showcase features a number of new (or nearly-new) rifles displayed at SHOT Show 2024 in Las Vegas. This showcase gives our readers a chance to check out some of the newest hunting, precision, and tactical rifles recently featured at SHOT Show 2024.

New Carbon-Fiber Stocked Savage Hunting Rifle

new 2025 rifles video showcase top five shot show precision hunting

The HuntStand staff had a chance to field test the new KLYM rifle series from Savage. Based on a new carbon-fiber platform, the straight-pull Savage KLYM weighs just 6.7 pounds without optics.

Top AR-Platform Rifles for 2024

AR-platform “Modern Sporting Rifles” continue to be top sellers because of their affordability and versatility. An AR rifle can be used for Service Rifle competition, 3-Gun games, varmint hunting, and of course, home defense. This video features 10 modern-generation AR-platform rifles. Many of these rifles were on display at SHOT Show in Las Vegas this past week.

MDT Chassis and Howa Rifles for 2024 — SHOT Show Report

This video, recorded this past week at SHOT Show 2024, shows some interesting new products — both complete rifles and new components. Many notable products are featured in this 24-minute video. At 16:16 the video shows the new Howa Super Deluxe Walnut rifle. This comes with a handsome figured Walnut stock and either stainless or blued barrels. Starting at 15:04 other new Howa models are shown including a new Mini-action with carbon-wrapped barrel and hinged floor plate.

new 2024 rifles howa super deluxe walnut

At 11:05 the video covers MDT’s Zero Stage electronic trigger. First announced in 2023, this is a unique new technology for field rifles. This operates by pressure on the trigger blade, rather than backward mechanical movement. The Zero Stage trigger adjusts from 4 to 64 ounces (0.25 to 4 pounds) without tools. Last but not least, at 00:30 the MDT ACC Premier Gen 2 Chassis is shown (photo below). This has many new features, including a shorter fore-end and new components to help with rimfire magazines.

new 2024 rifles MDT ACC Gen 2 chassi NRL PRS rimfire

SHOT Show 2024 “Shorts” — New CZ Rifles, New AirGun

Ten Good Bolt-Action Hunting Rifles — All Under $600

This 9-minute video provides quick looks at ten affordable bolt-action rifles, all under $600.00. If you are looking for a basic hunting rifle, perhaps for a young family member, here are some options with good “bang for the buck”. Using mostly factory footage, this video covers these 10 bolt-guns:

1:04 TC Arms Venture
1:56 Mossberg Patriot
2:28 Ruger Ranch Rifle
3:10 Howa Mini Action Rifle
3:47 Howa Hogue Rifle
4:35 Thompson Center Compass
5:15 Ruger American Rifle
6:03 Winchester XPR Compact
6:52 Remington 783
7:44 Savage Axis II XP

BONUS — Get a Howa Barreled Action for Your Next Rifle Project

Howa M1500 barreled actions are great for hunting and varmint rifle projects. These Japanese-made Howa actions are smooth running and the two-stage HACT trigger is way better than most factory triggers. CLICK HERE to learn more about Howa M1500 barreled actions.

sale discount howa m1500 1500 barreled actions 308 223 6.5 creedmoor rifle project

Right now at Brownells you can get a complete Howa barreled action (with trigger!) starting around $400.00. Chamberings in stock now include: 22-250, 6mm ARC, .243 Win, 6.5 Grendel (Mini), 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .308 Win, and .300 WinMag. A wide variety of barrel lengths are offered, and some chamberings have carbon-wrapped barrels.

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