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Frankford Arsenal announced their new reloading kits at SHOT Show 2023. Running low on ammunition, I recently spent some time reloading 6mm Creedmoor with the Essentials Reloading Kit


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About the Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit

We’ve covered a number of Frankford Arsenal reloading products including the F-1 Single Stage Press, Perfect Seat Hand Primer, and Aluminum Powder Funnel Kit.

All of these are included in the Essentials Reloading Kit which is designed for new reloaders or for anyone looking for a complete set with quality products. 

From Frankford Arsenal:

The Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit was designed to encompass every crucial aspect of the reloading process. This comprehensive kit equips you with all the tools you need to create precise ammunition with ease. At the heart of this kit is the F-1 Single Stage Press which offers unmatched control over every step of the reloading process. From resizing and depriming to bullet seating, this press delivers accurate, consistent results time and time again. Another premium product in this kit is the Perfect Seat Hand Primer which comes with 12 shell holders, works with both small and large primers; and has an adjustable seating system that ensures the perfect seating depth every time. The quality doesn’t stop there, the Essentials Kit also includes our Benchtop Powder Measure, Aluminum Powder Funnel Kit, Digital Calipers, DS-750 Scale, Powder Trickler, and Universal Reloading Tray. Whether you’re a seasoned reloader or looking to get started, trust in the quality, precision, and expertise that the Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit will provide.

    • All-encompassing kit includes quality reloading tools for experienced and new reloaders alike to make the reloading process easier and more enjoyable
    • Intentionally developed with more premium tools than other reloading kits to eliminate having to upgrade obsolete products later
    • Over $60 in savings compared to buying the products individually
    • Includes F-1 Single Stage Press, Aluminum Powder Funnel, Powder Trickler, Reloading Tray, Perfect Seat Hand Primer, Digital Calipers, Benchtop Powder Measure, DS-750 Scale

What’s in the Box

Included in the essentials reloading kit is the F-1 Single Stage Press, Perfect Seat Hand Primer, Benchtop Powder Measure, Powder Trickler, DS-750 scale, digital calipers, Aluminum Powder Funnel Kit and universal reloading tray.

Each item is individually and eye-catchingly packaged. While this may not matter to some, it’s a nice extra and ideal if you are giving parts of the set as gifts. 

What You’ll Need

While the essentials kit has most of the equipment you will need, you’ll also need your load components (brass, powder, bullets, primers), dies, a shell holder, case lube, and case cleaning and prep tools. 

I opted for the Frankford Arsenal Universal Bullet Seating Die to keep everything consistent. I used once-fired Federal brass, Berger 6mm 105 Grain Hybrid Target Bullets, Winchester StaBALL 6.5 Powder, and Federal small rifle primers. I also made sure to have some Imperial Sizing Wax on hand.

This is my favorite case lube to use as it goes a long way and works very consistently.

Rifle Reloading Recap

While Guy Miner has previously shown basic rifle reloading with Lyman gear, I thought I’d also walk through the process with the Essentials kit.

I had previously dry-tumbled my brass, but it’s important to always start reloading with clean brass to prevent scratching your die.

(Wet tumbling and ultrasonic cleaning are also viable cleaning methods.) Sizing and depriming is next.

Some people choose to split these two steps, I prefer to do them in one. While you don’t have to, I will occasionally tumble the brass again after resizing to remove all the lube. Wiping off the lube with a rag is another option. Trimming and swaging comes next. It’s typical to trim your brass to SAAMI-min standards. Also be aware your brass may need swaging if the primer pockets are crimped. Priming can be accomplished on a press, bench, or by hand — both are reliable methods, so it’s up to the user. (Wear safety glasses during this step.) When it’s time to add powder, you may choose to throw charges with a powder drop and weigh them or to use an electronic scale.

Seating finishes out the process. All in all, there are some steps that have to be followed while reloading but there are generally many ways to accomplish them. 

Reloading Set-Up and Loading

First, I set-up the F-1 Press on an Inline Fabricaton low-rise Ultramount with the Ultimate Reloader Bench System.

If you choose not to use a mount, Frankford Arsenal includes a diagram with specifications for mounting holes. 

I had previously dry-tumbled my brass, so I started with resizing, using a Hornady comparator to check shoulder bump. (Don’t forget the case lube!)

You can also use a case gauge to ensure that it will chamber.

I also checked the case overall length to make sure none exceeded 1.920”, the maximum case length. Any over this length would require trimming.

After prepping the cases, I lined them up in the universal reloading tray and readied my Perfect Seat Hand Primer

I didn’t have to make any adjustments as the primers seated perfectly flush with the appropriate shell holder.

With the cases ready for powder, I mounted the powder stand on the Ultimate Reloader Bench System (diagram also included) and cleaned the powder measure with acetone.

I then adjusted the measure, filled the hopper with StaBALL 6.5, and made micrometer adjustments until I reached just under 43.0 grains.

This allowed me to use the powder trickler to reach my desired 43.0 grains. (For precision ammunition, throwing just under and trickling up to the desired charge weight is best.)

I calibrated the scale using the check weight and used the .243 collet in the funnel to fill each case after weighing each charge.

After making sure no cases were double-charged or missing powder, it was time to seat the bullets. I used Gavin’s old load with one of his loaded rounds as a reference cartridge, lowering the die with the ram up until I felt a little bit of resistance.

This became my starting point for loading the new rounds.  I wanted to be able to feed the 6mm rounds from a magazine, so I made sure each didn’t exceed 2.800”, the maximum cartridge overall length.

I really enjoyed using the Frankford Arsenal Universal Seating Die — it has a micrometer and window for you to drop the bullet in for easy bullet feeding, no fumbling!


Everyone develops their own reloading rhythm with their particular equipment. The Frankford Arsenal Essentials Kit was easy to use with some great features. Looking forward, I’m excited to spend more time honing my shooting skills on the range this year and fine-tuning a load. 

Get the Gear

Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit

Frankford Arsenal Universal Seating Die at Midsouth Shooters Supply

Berger 6mm 105 grain Hybrid Target Bullets at Creedmoor Sports and Midsouth Shooters Supply

Winchester StaBALL 6.5 Powder at Midsouth Shooters Supply

Federal Small Rifle Primers at Midsouth Shooters Supply

Imperial Sizing Wax at Midsouth Shooters Supply and Creedmoor Sports

Inline Fabrication Ultramounts at Midsouth Shooters Supply

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