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After taking the Canik Rival-S long distance, it was time for our RCO competitors to take on Harold the evil rock chuck during our rifle ELR stage. 


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About Stage Five

Competitors were tasked with taking out Harold the 4’ tall evil Rock Chuck located at 1280 yards. They were given five shots each to do so with three rifles, a 6mm ARC full-custom bolt action (1 point per impact), a 6.5 Creedmoor (2 points per impact) and their .223 AR-15 carbine (3 points per impact) as a last resort. Harold proudly sports a gangsta gold chain. Hitting the chain earns the competitors five points. 


Everyone had high hopes for Erik Cortina, F-Class world champion, though he was hesitant to be confident considering he didn’t have much time or data on the guns and was largely going in blind.

Erik did much of the hard work, largely refining the rifles for the other competitors. He made one hit with the 6mm ARC bolt gun, equipped with his EC tuner brake and Hornady ammunition.

Piet also made no impacts with the 6.5 Creedmoor but made two hits out of five shots with the 6mm ARC.

Jim Harmer had zero impacts, but pistol champion Nils Jonasson made one impact with the 6mm ARC, the first first round hit of the day.

Adam Wies also made one impact with the 6mm ARC. 

Stage Standings

RCO Standings 

The Rifle ELR stage surprisingly only cemented the current standings, everyone relatively close.

Piet (82.98) closed the gap between himself and forerunner Nils Jonasson (84.34). Adam Wies and Erik Cortina remained neck and neck with a 75.11 and 74.32 respectively. Jim Harmer’s zero points on this stage hurt, keeping him at 67.03. 

Follow the Competitors! 

Erik Cortina – Cortina Precision

Nils Jonasson

Jim Harmer – Backfire

Piet Malan – Impact Shooting

Adam Wies – Who-Tee-Who

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