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You’ve seen the trailer, but today we’re officially kicking off episode one of the 2023 Rock Chuck Olympics. Meet our five world-class competitors and watch to join the experience. 


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Building the Rock Chuck Olympics 

Creating the Rock Chuck Olympics was an immense undertaking. Inspired by RCBS’s vintage logo, I wanted to create a world-class event like never before where hand-selected competitive shooters and gun influencers learn from one another and compete for the Golden Rock Chuck award across various shooting stages. 

Meet the Competitors

F-Open World Champion Erik Cortina shares his passion for shooting on instagram (@erikcortina) and on YouTube:  Erik Cortina – Cortina Precision. Erik is also well-known in the PRS community and owns Cortina Precision, famous for tuners. He came into RCO excited to learn and eager to work with pistols and AR’s – two platforms he doesn’t often shoot. 

Nils Jonasson goes by @noskillsnils on Instagram – but don’t let that fool you. Nils is a world champion speed pistol shooter on Team CANiK. He competes in IDPA, USPSA, and 2-Gun. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Jim Harmer of Backfire is more of a hunter than a shooter with a focus on bolt guns and accuracy out to long ranges. His content is available @backfire on YouTube and

Piet Malan journeyed all the way from South Africa to participate in the Rock Chuck Olympics. He specializes in PRS, but has been branching out into hunting and other types of shooting. His contagious energy and sense of humor kept everyone engaged during the event. Follow Piet at @impactshooting on YouTube and Facebook and @impactshootin on Instagram. 

Adam Wies, better known as Who-Tee-Who, or Who-Tee for short, is seemingly everywhere. You can find him on as well as @WHOTEEWHO on Youtube, @who_tee_who on FaceBook and @mrwho_tee_who_ on Instagram and Twitter. He is best known for bolt guns, hunting, candid reviews and for communicating with his fans. 

The Stages

Match directors know how grueling and rewarding building stages can be. I wanted to engineer a stage catering to the specialty of each shooter, including the hunters. Seth Gardner from D-M Targets made multiple trips to the Ultimate Reloader Ranch and worked tirelessly to create the best experience possible and capture my vision. Nothing was plug and play. The Ultimate Reloader Team (and some friends), surveyed the land, cut trails and hiked T-posts and targets out to some crazy distances. 

Stage 1: Hidden Rock Chucks

This stage was blind to competitors and consisted of steel targets at unknown distances along a wooded trail. Flags indicated the location and direction of each target, but competitors still had to find them and engage each twice with a .223 Stag AR. Given a fixed round count and time limit with time multiplier, competitors had the option to skip a target and move on to the next. This stage was designed with hunters in mind. 

Stage 2: Pistol Run-N-Gun

This straightforward stage required competitors to engage a series of pistol targets with two rounds from a 9mm Canik Rival-S in as little time as possible. 

Stage 3: Pistol ELR 

This simple stage posed a significant challenge. Engage the 100 yard rock chuck target until you hit it, then advance to the 265 yard rock chuck. 

Stage 4: Ridge Trail 2-Gun

This stage required competitors to switch between carbine and pistol while navigating challenging terrain. (Guns were unloaded while moving.) 

Stage 5: PRS Rock Chucking 

This PRS stage started with a tank trap and targets placed at moderate distances. Competitors then had to move downhill (with rifle on safe) to engage more targets from a clearing and conclude by shooting off a fallen log. 

Stage 6: Rifle ELR

Out at 1,280 yards, Harold the Rock Chuck is causing mischief and needs to be eliminated. Competitors were given five shots with each of three rifles with points per impact varying by rifle. Just for fun, the last rifle in the lineup is the Stag Arms .223 16” carbine, but with an Athlon 6-24 rather than a 4x optic. 

The 2023 Rock Chuck Olympics is brought to you by:

D-M Targets (get your Rock Chuck Targets HERE)

RCBS Reloading

Stag Arms

Caldwell Shooting Supplies, Wheeler Tools, and Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies

Additional Sponsors Include:

Hornady Ammunition, Athlon Optics, Canik Firearms, LongShot Cameras

More Rock Chuck Olympics action coming very soon! Please stay tuned and make sure you’re subscribed to the Ultimate Reloader YouTube Channel to catch all of the action.


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