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Erik Cortina is one of the world’s top F-Class shooters. Erik won the 2023 Southwest Nationals in F-Open Division, and he was a member of Team USA which won the F-Open World Championship in South Africa. And Erik also won the individual F-Open title at the South African National Championship which preceded the 2023 F-Class Worlds. Erik also has competed successfully in Long-Range and Precision Rifle matches. Along with his shooting skills, Erik is a respected video host. His Erik Cortina Video Channel now boasts nearly 500 videos, covering a wide range of shooting disciplines, along with reloading, load tuning, and other gun tech topics.

This Saturday we are featuring nine of Erik’s informative videos. These cover reloading techniques, marksmanship tips, and more. We start with two vertical-format “shorts”, both worth watching. In the first video you can see Erik nail five straight targets at 500 yards, with the last one a tiny square.

Two “Shorts” — Precision Steel and Advanced Reloading

500-Yard “Know Your Limits”
Cortina with 6mmBR Nails ‘Em All
Loading Cartridge with
SuperTrickler and AMP Press

Barrel Break-in — Don’t Waste Barrel Life

A factory barrel can benefit from a break-in regimen. Some custom barrels shoot great from the get-go and don’t require elaborate break-in rituals. In this popular video, Erik explains how he determines the appropriate break-in procedure for his barrels: “Deciding if you need to break-in a barrel is not as easy as many think. In this video, I discuss the thought process I go through in deciding if I need to break in a barrel or not.”

Smallest 1000-yard Group Ever Caught on Camera

This 1000-yard group was NOT shot in a match, so it is not a record. But Erik shot a truly spectacular group during practice. This shows what modern F-class rifles can do with ideal conditions. Erik drilled five shots in 1.3″ inches, with 4 shots in under 1/2″ (see 1:15 – 2:20 time). And the first 3 shots landed right on top of each other (about 1/4″). Erik notes: “While shooting, I decided to set up my camera and record the screen on my phone so I could see the shots on my Electronic Target. To my surprise, the shots kept stacking up on top of each other. I had a 3-shot group under 1/4 inch! Most shooters would be happy with that at 100 yards, but this is at 1,000 yards!”

Common Sense Reloading

All novice reloaders should watch this video. Erik explains the three key items when reloading for accurate rifles. Erik explains: “We as humans have a tendency to complicate things, and reloading is no different. For some reason, we think that the more complicated it is, the better the end product will be. It doesn’t have to be that way, today I explain the three different things that must be in check to ensure you have a consistent and efficient load. Once you get these three things corrected, you’ll always have a good load.”

Team USA F-Open World Champions

The 2023 F-Class World Championships were recently held in South Africa. There were talented teams from many countries. With a strong, come-from-behind performance on the last day of the team match, The U.S.A. F-Open Team topped South Africa to win the F-Open Team Championship with a 3540-366V score (South Africa finished with 3535-374V — a “V” is like an “X” in the USA). Congratulations to the 2023 USA F-Open team, the new World Champions! Erik Cortina was a member of Team USA.

Stop Neck-Sizing Brass

With over 400,000 views, this is one of Erik’s most popular videos. Erik explains why it is NOT smart to neck-size only. For almost all rifle applications, you’ll get better case life and more consistent loads if you full-length size your cases. Full-length sizing also provides vital shoulder bumping, which is essential for proper case-feeding and smooth bolt closure. Proper full-length sizing will also help optimize ES and SD.

Erik Cortina precision swn winner f-open f-class EC tuner saturday movies

Precision Reloading Class at PRS Expo 2022

This 8-minute video records a seminar Erik conducted at the 2022 PRS Expo. In this segment, Erik explains the key elements of accuracy. He advises that the bullets are the most expensive element of each cartridge, and are critical to accuracy, so competitors should always buy the best — never attempt to cut costs on projectiles. CLICK HERE for PART TWO of Erik’s presentatiion.

About Erik Cortina Precision Products
Cortina Precision makes some of the best barrel tuners on the market. The EC Tuner was developed over a decade ago and has many championships under its belt. The EC Tuner was recently revamped and released as the EC Tuner V2. The V2 model employs a spring to maintain load on the tuner at all times and eliminate backlash. That helps with consistency. The EC Tuner V2 works well for centerfire, rimfire, and even air rifles.

Cortina Precision also offers the EC Tuner Brake. The Tuner Brake combines a barrel tuner with a muzzle brake. The EC Tuner brake greatly reduces recoil and allows you to tune your rifle to your load. These Tuner Brakes are a good choice for hunters and PRS/NRL competitors, as they work equally well with handloads and factory loads. For more information, visit – Erik Cortina

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