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Step-by-Step Delton AR-15 Build: Midsouth Shooters Supply

Previously we outlined the bones of our Midsouth Shooters Supply Del-Ton AR build. This time, we’re putting it together. Watch the Highlight video on YouTube, or Watch the full process on Rumble!

Build Overview & Highlights: Delton AR-15

Step By Step Build on Rumble: Delton AR-15


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About the Build

To watch an overview of all the parts and tools, check out the kickoff video below.

Del-Ton Lower Parts

We have several tools from Wheeler including Wheeler’s F.A.T. Stix, AR Armorer’s Bench Block, Professonal Armorer’s Wrench, Delton AR-15 Roll Pin Install tool kit, Upper Receiver Action Rod, Delta Series AR Upper/Pic Rail Vise Block and AR Pivot Pin/Roll Pin Install Tool.

Front Pin Install

I secured my stripped lower in my Orange Vise and started with the front pivot pin, notorious for flying out. To aid with this, I used the AR pivot pin/roll pin install tool.

I placed the tool through the front pin holes and lined up the hole cross drilled through the tool so that I could send one of the detent springs through and follow it with a detent. Using the punch part of the tool, I rotated the spring and detent to keep them under pressure and compressed. Next I took the front pin and got it started in the pin holes then pushed it through, sending the tool through the other side. 

Mag Catch

To install the mag catch, I took the receiver off the Orange Vise and added the spring and mag catch button with the grooves facing outward.

Installing Magazine Release Spring

Next I fed the mag catch through from the other side until I felt it engage with the threads from the top hole of the mag catch button. 

Bolt Catch

With the lower back in the vise, I set aside the bolt catch, bolt catch plunger, bolt catch plunger spring and bolt catch spring. I began by getting the starter in the hole.

Hammering Bolt Catch Roll Pin into Place

I then added the bolt catch spring, plunger, and bolt catch. With everything aligned, I used a punch to tap the starter in the rest of the way to hold it all together. 

Mil-Spec Trigger and Hammer

The trigger spring pops over the ears on the trigger itself. The disconnector spring goes into a cutout in the middle with the disconnector overtop.

Holding these pieces together as an assembly, I used the trigger pin alignment tool to secure the assembly in the lower.

From the opposite side, I pushed one of the trigger pins through while pushing towards it with the trigger alignment tool. To get the pin flush, I had to use a small hammer. 

Next I dropped the selector lever into place and pulled the hammer spring over the ears of the hammer.

The spring legs sit on top of the main portion of the trigger and use the same alignment tool to get the pin in place. (If you push against the alignment tool with your chest, you have both hands to work with.) 

Grip and Rear Pivot Pin

I placed the rear pivot pin and added the detent and spring.

Rear Detent Spring

These are held by the rear plate. With this in place, I added the plunger (in towards the fire control group) and placed a spring inside the grip.

Placing the Safety Detent Spring into the Grip

To keep the grip screw held on the screwdriver, I used a little bit of tape. This made it easy to work with as I installed the grip. 

Buttstock and Buffer

To mount the buttstock, I first added the rear plate and started threading it into the lower until it was time for the buffer catch spring plunger. I installed it then held it down as I kept threading the stock in place.

Once in place, I moved the rear plate against the detent spring and secured the castle nut.

Tightening the Buttstock Castle Nut with the Wheeler Professional Armorers Wrench

The buffer spring slides lightly into the stock with the buffer over top. At this point I ensured the trigger worked, the safety worked and the mag catch worked.

Adding the Upper

Adding an upper is easy. With the pivot pins pulled out, I placed the upper over top and pushed the pins back through. 

Function Check

I added a simple red dot and function tested the rifle on steel outside the shop. 


Keep watching this Rumble series to see the evolution of this build! 

Get the Gear

Wheeler F.A.T. Stix

AR Armorer’s Bench Block

Professional Armorer’s Wrench

Wheeler Delton AR-15 Roll Pin Install Tool Kit 

 Upper Receiver Action Rod 

 Delta Series AR Upper/Pic Rail Vise Block

Wheeler AR Pivot Pin/Roll Pin Install Tool

AR-15 16” Heavy Carbine Del-Ton Rifle kit from Midsouth Shooters Supply

Boyds Gunstocks

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