Pushing Boundaries: The Rise of Pistol Extreme Long Range (ELR) Shooting Pistol ELR

Pistol Extreme Long Range (ELR)

Stage 3, Pistol ELR, was designed to be challenging for everyone. You hear about long pistol shots, but most have never attempted them. This stage puts competitors on the spot. 

About Stage Three

This pistol stage was stationary with no time limit.

Each competitor was given ten rounds of 9mm 115-grain Hornady ammunition to fire through their Canik Rival S with Athlon Talos EDC red dot at two targets, five shots per target.

Aerial View of Pistol Firing Location

Competitors would receive one point per hit on the 100-yard target and two points per hit on the 245-yard target.

100 Yard Pistol ELR Target


None of the competitors entered with any especially high expectations, but Jim Harmer started the group off with a first-round impact at 100 yards.

Jim Harmer firing at the 100 Yard Target

He also landed his third shot at 100 yards but struggled to find the right holdover at 245 yards. With no feedback and no help from the crowd, this was an especially difficult task. 

Adam Wies and Erik Cortina both had one impact at 100 yards. None of the RCO competitors hit the 245 yard target.  

245 Yard Pistol ELR Target

Stage Standings

RCO Standings 

After three stages and a 0 on stage 3, Nils Jonasson still remains in first place with a score of 50.34. Adam Wies made one hit on the 100 yard target to further close the gap between him and Nils, leaving 0.23 points separating them. The other standings surprisingly remained the same, Erik at 46.32 points in third, Piet at 44.98 points in fourth, and Jim at 44.03 points in fifth. 

Follow the Competitors! 

Erik Cortina – Cortina Precision

Nils Jonasson

Jim Harmer – Backfire

Piet Malan – Impact Shooting

Adam Wies – Who-Tee-Who

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