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Calling all rimfire shooters, serious about gaining an edge with their training or competition rifle! Have you seen the new Bloop Tubes from Aussie firearm powerhouse MANAEL?

With bold claims to create consistency between your centrefire and rimfire set-ups and gain precious extra length and weight on rimfire barrels, we ‘re excited to introduce this to our line up of premium precision rifle gear.

The Bloop Tube is available as a standalone item, or in a combo with the group-tightening MANAEL Barrel Tuner.

Let’s take a look at what this Bloop Tube can do to take your rimfire rifle set up to the next level….

Train like you fight

Match the feel of your longer, heavier centrefire precision rifle barrel with a MANAEL Bloop Tuner on a rimfire trainer rifle and help muscle memory.

Consistency is king, especially when swapping between your centrefire PRS rifle and rimfire trainer.

So add on the MANAEL Bloop Tube to ensure every positional stage and transition will feel just like a centrefire competition.


Wanna take a look at it? Click here….

Better Balance

Improve your rifle’s forward weight balance. The MANAEL Bloop Tuner adds forward mass to create more stability in barricades.

Barrel too short? Chassis fore-end too long?

How hilarious does a stumpy short barrel look in a really long chassis (ahem, MDT ACC?).

The Bloop Tube adds precious extra inches so super-long chassis are no longer a problem for those short-barrel guys.

They also create clearance for a MANAEL Barrel Tuner – or extend it just because a stumpy barrel in a long chassis looks weird!

The MANAEL Bloop Tubes are not rifled internally.


Are they still in stock? Our webstore has live inventory….see if there’s one left for you here

Better detection for shot timers

How annoying is it when your shot timer doesn’t pick up a rimfire round going off, unless you put it in front of the muzzle???

Never miss a shot record again! This nifty design promises more reliable shot detection thanks to the Shot Detection Holes along the MANAEL Bloop Tube body, when using a shot timer like the CED 2000.

By placing the shot detection holes alongside the body (and well away from the muzzle!), you can record those nerd stats while keeping your equipment safe.

Creating consistency

Designed to seamelessly integrate with the MANAEL Barrel Tuner – so you can tighten your groups & chase consistent accuracy performance from your rimfire ammo.

This Combo Kit includes the MANAEL Bloop Tube & the MANAEL Barrel Tuner (Large).

If you already have a Large MANAEL Barrel Tuner, you can purchase the Bloop Tube separately here.

Easy DIY install

One of the reasons we love MANAEL gear is they try to make life as easy as possible, so you can focus on important stuff like making impacts.

Installing the MANAEL Bloop Tube could not be easier. Screw it onto the muzzle of your barrel.

Yep. That’s it.

There are Shot Detection Holes along the Tube body which double as a leverage point for installation: slot an allen key or screwdriver through the holes and use the leverage to create a super-secure fit on your muzzle thread.

No specialist tools or gunsmiths needed. How easy is that?
Grab yours here and give it a go!



100% Australian Tough

How cool is it to see premium gear made right here in Australia?  Plus MANAEL put all their products go through real-world testing (including multiple Precision Rifle Series competitions) to make sure they handle anything you throw at ’em.

Expect the best: Billet machined in South Australia from premium materials

Support local jobs; this product is 100% Australian designed, made and owned.

Support your sport; MANAEL and Ignition Custom Engineering are sponsors of the Precision Rifle Series Australia.


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